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Klock Family Tree March 18, 2001, Steven Klock
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Steven is hoping to fill in more of his family tree.

Attached is the Klock family geneology as it was given to my father (Earl Leroy) in the late 1950's from my great Uncle Harold. This tree traces my ancestors from Henry to my son (Thomas Wayne). It does not go onto other branches. Uncle Harold's source is unknow, but he was into geneology before it was popular. He also noted, on the original, that he had met a couple of the 4th generation Klocks.

I took the original handwritten copy and put it into this file. It may have some spelling descrepancies, but it is the best I can get from the original. This the Klock family tree as given by my Great Uncle Harold (4-26-1902) to my father (Earl Leroy 6-5-1920) in the late 1950's. It follows my family back to Henry (1663 - 1760), other branches of the family are not included. The source is unknown, but Uncle Harold was the keeper of the tree and all family questions were answered by him.

1) Hendrich Klock
born: 1663 died: 1760
came to America: 1704
married: Buenaul Milo Nellis Klock
children: Jacob

2) Jacob Klock
married: Margaret Elizabeth (Christman) Klock
children: Daniel - William - Jacob - Adam - Polly - Eva - John Fredrick - Catharine

Note: There were many Jacob Klocks! Names were used again and again, which makes it difficult for genealogists. This one is apparently other than Col. Jacob Klock. There could be a missing generation in here. Perhaps Jacob I. Klock, b. 10/17/1745, d 2/22/1825 or Capt. Jacob G. Klock? ajberry, webmaster

3) Daniel Klock
born: 3-25-1801 died: 2-28-1874
married: Efan Renaw born: 8-10-1807 died: 10-24-1891
buried: Dutch Hill cemetery 4 miles east of Parish, NY
children: Catharine - Edwin - Philinda - Larini - Mary - Daniel - Simon - David - Lewis

4) David Klock
born: 4-29-1848 died: 12-31-1930
married: Sarah G. Philibric born: 9-20-1852 died: 3-18-1916
buried: Dutch Hill Cemetery - Parish, NY
children: Arthur Van - Ernest R. - C. Leona Bell (adopted)

5) Arthur Van
born: 6-21-1870 died: 4-10-1957
married: M. Bertha Mary Johnson born: 11-4-1877 died: 10-13-1939
marriage date: Aug 1, 1896
children: Gerald Romani - Harold Arthur - Marjorie Sarah - Bethel Wanda

6) Gerald Romani
born: 11-25-1897 died 8-31-1958
married: Mary Elizabeth Kelly born: 5-17-1895 died: 1-1-1942
marriage date: June 1915 by Rev Stanley C. Robinson
children: Arthur Van III born: 8-25-1916 died: ???
Paul born: 10-20-1918 living
Earl Leroy born: 7-5-1920 died: Aug 22, 1996
Bruce born: 10-13-1922 living
Marion born: 12-26-1924 died: ???

7) Earl Leroy
born: 7-5-1920 died: 8-22-1996
married: Irma Helena (Neamy) Klock born: 2-1-1920 living
children: Mary Ann born: 2-17-1946 died: 12-xx-2000
Margaret Linda (Peggy) born 4-7-1948 living
Steven Wayne born: 4-16-1954 living

8) Steven Wayne Klock [me]
born: 4-16-1954 living
married: Robin Ann (Barney) Klock born: 5-15-1955 living
marriage date: 6-25-1982
children: Thomas Wayne born: 12-25-1983 living
Stephanie May born: 5-24-1986 living
Tana (adopted) born: 12-2-1974 living
Renee (adopted) born: 12-31-1976 living

9) Thomas Wayne Klock
born: 12-25-1983 living
9) Stephanie May Klock
born: 5-25-1986 living

Great Uncle Harold's family
6) Harold Arthur Klock
born: 4-26-1902 died: ???
married: Mabel E. Mapstone born: 2-13-1906 died: ???
marriage date: 7-4-1923
children: Barbara Helen born: 3-23-1932 living
Joyce Louise born: 10-26-1934 living

7) Joyce Louise
children: Karen - Henry

Uncle Paul's family
7) Paul
born: 10-20-1918 (Manlius NY) living
married: Josephine diPietro born: 2-9-1924 died: ???
children: Rosario Ann born: 7-17-1944 living
Plaul Anthony born: 10-18-1950 living

My sisters
8) Mary Ann born: 2-17-1946 died: 12-xx-2000
children: Kevin Cobb
Lori Cobb
8) Margaret Linda (Peggy) born 4-7-1948 living
children: Darren Wayne Dunbar
Paul Dunbar
(The hand writing on the original document is unclear and this is the best guess)

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