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The registry came from Roy Nichols, (Arizona) via Dave Klock (Klock Family Newsletter). These pages were typed about the time the typewriter came on the scene, some are fragile and not readable.

Complied and Arranged by George K. Nellis. Ashtabula, Ohio, May 7th, 1866, copied on the typewriter, April 18th, 1884.

Page 1. For the information of the inquisitive, George G. Klock is desirous to give all the information in his power, viz.-It seems that Queen Ann who was a German, was desirous to settle a part of this new country, America, and sent over a colony of Germans to settle here from the River Rhine, and Hesse Cassle, etc., among whom was Henry Klock, grandfather to George G. Klock. The Germans sent a Mr. Livingston over to England to get a charter for them, but he took the charter in his own name, so the Germans left Livingstone manner; some went to Schoharrie, and some to the Mohawk. Henry Klock aforesaid came to the Mohawk in 1708, and settled on the farm now in possession of Joseph G. Klock, Christian Klock, and others. Said Henry Klock is buried on the same old farm, his grave stone says, in 1760. His sons George Klock, John, Jacob, Adam, Conrad, and Joseph Klock, were born on this farm, and some of their children, grand children, great grand children, and great great grand children; and the greater part of the farm is now possession of Joseph G. and Christian Klock.

The deceased, George G. Klock, was born Nov. 12th 1742; this would make his age 91 years, 8 months, and 14 days. He lived in the married state about 60 years. His wife was a Miss Catharine Bellinger. She was born July, 1748; and died July 11th, 1827, aged 79 years. They together, had children born in number 16; and of these 10 are alive (at the writing of , the above, which seems to be without date) five sons, and five daughters The number of grand children is supposed to be about 80; and great grand children, about 81.

Remarks:-The above was copied by Stephen Klock, son of Aunt Susan Klock, the widow of Peter Klock, who resides now in Homer, Cortland Co., N.Y., from a record in his possession. It was doubtless

Page 2. copied by him 10 or 12 years ago, for my mother, from whom I received it by copy, Feb. 2, 1866.
George Nellis.

Queen Ann who was a German, was desirous to settle a part of this new country, America, and sent over a colony of Germans, to settle here, from the River Rhine, and Hesse Cassle, etc., among whom was Henry Klock, Grandfather to George G. Klock. The Germans sent a Mr. Livingston over to England to get a charter for them, but he took the charter in his own name. So the Germans left Livingston manor, some went to Schoharrie, and some to the Mohawk. Henry Klock aforesaid, went to the Mohawk in A.D. 1708, and settled in Openheim, Montgomery Co., N.Y., on the Genesee turnpike. The old farm is still owned by his (Henry Klock's) descendents, or the greater part of it at least. His sons George (my great Grandfather) John, Jacob, Adam, and Conrad Klock were born on the farm, and so were some of their children, grandchildren, great-grand-children, and great-great grandchildren.

The above was copied from a writing left by Geo. G. Klock, and Peter Nellis.

I copied the above from Peter's Record May 7, 1866. George K. Nellis.


Name--Birth--Aged--No. of Children--Married Who.

Pegey Klock, July 7, 1767, about 50, None, Henry Beekman

Joseph Klock, April 3, 1769, about 80, 9 children, 4 wives.

Sophia Klock, Oct. 22, 1770, about 70, 9 children, husbands (last one Conrad Hellagas.)

Caty Klock. Jan. 11, 1772. Infancy.
Jacob Klock. April 18, 1773. (a) 6 children. Nancy Louks.
George Klock. Jan, 12, 1775, About 63, 2 sons. Nancy Klock.
John Klock. Aug. 10, 1776, (b) 10 children.Eve Zimerman.
Henry Klock. June 3, 1778. Infancy.
Hannah Klock. Aug. 9, 1779. About 20. 1 daughter. Peter Louks.
David Klock. July 22, 1781. Infancy.
Caty Klock. March 30, 1783. Infancy.
Peter Klock. 4 June 3, 1784. About 59. 5 children. Susan Feak. (c)
Elizabeth Klock. Sept. 23, 1786, 89, & 5 days. 11 children, J.I.D. Nellis.
Polly Klock. June 1, 1788, (d) 11 children. Fred Zimmerman
Caty Klock. Sept. 25,1790. (e) 7 children. Henry Cline.
Evaline Klock, (g) June 2,1792. 73, 2 mo. 1 son, Reuben, Peter P. Walrath


George G. Klock, Nov. 12, 1742. 91, 8, 14. 16 Children. Catharine Bellinger-Lived 60 years in the married state.

Catharine Bellinger. July 1748. 79. 16 children. George G. Klock.

(a) Jacob Klock lived in Courtland Co., N.Y.
(b) John Klock lived in St. Johnsville, N.Y.
(c) Peter Klock lived in Courtland Co., N.Y. had 2 sons, & 3 dau.
(d) Polly Klock lived in Jefferson Co. Death not known.
(e) Caty Klock lived in Openheim, N.Y.
(g) Evaline Klock lived in Stone Rauby, NY or what was known as Palatine Bridge.

Page 4. Catharine Klock, July 1748, 79 years, Married George G. Klock

The House of John I. D. Nellis.

John I. D. Nellis married July 14, 1805, Miss Elizabeth Klock

John I. D. Nellis, born Feb. 24, 1783. Died Dec. 3, 1849, aged 66.
Elizabeth Nellis, born Sept. 23, 1786. Died Sept. 28, 1875, aged 89l



David Nellis, May 5, 1806, Oct 7, 1872, 66
Reuben Nellis, March 30, 1808, June 24, 1856, 48
Barnard Nellis, Aug, 14, 1810, March 21, 1877, 67
Elizabeth Nellis, Sept. 26, 1812, March 31, 1890, 78
Nancy Nellis, Feb. 22, 1815, March 13, 1865, 50
Catharine Nellis, Oct. 1, 1817, Aug. 14, 1863, 46
John Nellis, March 21, 1820, June 7, 1828, 8
Mary Nellis, Feb. 13, 1822, Jan. 5, 1859, 37
Susan Nellis, May 2, 1824, Sept. 4, 1826, 2
George Nellis, Jan. 24, 1826
Peter Nellis, Sept. 29, 1828, Feb. 24, 1855, 27
An old newspaper clipping is pasted on the page. It reads: "Died. At Berline Hights, Erie County, Ohio, on Saturday, the 24th, ? of Consumption, Mr. Peter Nellis, late of this place aged 26 years."

Page 5. The House of David Nellis

Names-- Born--Married--Died.

David Nellis, May 5, 1806, Sept. 22, 1830, Oct. 7, 1872.
Caroline Steadman, Oct. 22, 1809, Sept., 22, 1830, M'ch. 20, 1848. ?
Mrs. Eliza Dolph, Dec. 29, 1817, July 23, 1850, June 13, 1873.


Joseph David Nellis, March 30, 1832, Died April 14, 1833.
John David Nellis, March 8, 1834, March 14, 1834
Sarah Elizabeth Nellis, March 30, 1835, July 18, 1836
Mary Caroline Nellis, Sept 26, 1837
George Lafeyett Nellis, March 1, 1840
Cyrus Thomas Nellis, May 15, 1846


Mrs. Eliza Perkins was the widow of Wira Dolph, and the mother of Aaron Dolph. She had but one child by Wira Dolph, and none by David Nellis. That one was Aaron Dolph.

Wira Dolph, June 15, 1812, July 5, 1835, June 8, 1849
Eliza Perkins, Dec. 29, 1817, July 5, 1835, June 13, 1873
Aaron Dolph, Aug. 19, 1836
Mary Caroline Nellis, Sept. 26, 1837, June 23, 1874
Henry Anderson, Sept. 18, 1835, June 23, 1874


George H. Anderson, May 10, 1835
Henry Anderson was born Sept. 18th, 1835.

Typist's note: Some of the entries on this page were written in an old script. Unknown writer.

Page 6. The House of Reuben Nellis


Reuben Nellis, March 30, 1808, Jan. 1, 1840, June 24, 1856
Salley Almira Warner May 3, 1813, Jan 1, 1840


Alfred Warner Nellis, Nov. 2, 1841
Homer Cook Nellis, Aug 17, 1844, Nov. 7, 1866
John Reuben Nellis, Sept 15, 1847, Sept 14, ?

Alfred Warner Nellis married Louesa Hall, daughter of George Hall. Homer Cook Nellis married Libbie S. Gray, daughter of the Editor of one of the Painesville Papers. John Reuben Nellis married Kate M. Gray, a sister of Homer's wife. John R. Nellis is dead, but I do not know when he died. He died in Kansas, while out there to seek a location for business. He was intending to go into the Broker's business.

A newspaper clipping is pasted on the page: "Painesville relatives have been informed of the death of Mr. Gray Nellis, the sixteen year old son of Mr. Homer C. Nellis, of Piqua, and the grandson of Hon. H. C. Gray. It occurred Monday at Asheville N. C. whither young Nellis had been sent for his health. Remains will arrive here Thursday evening at 6:20 and internment will be at Evergreen Cemetery immediately after the arrival of the train." The Evening Telegraph, Painesville, Ohio, Feb. 23 1898. Sent by A. W. Nellis. Rec'd March 1st, 1898.

Page 6 was cut off by unknown person.

Page 7. The House of Barnard Nellis


Barnard Nellis, Aug. 14, 1810, May 19, 1840, March 21, 1877
Clarisa E. Eastman, Aug. 18, 1817, May 19, 1840, March 25, 1877


Albert Eastmen Nellis, May 2, 1842, May 2, 1867 to Sarah A. Espy

Note: Clarisa was sick but six days.

Page 8. The Family of Elizabeth Nellis


Elizabeth Nellis, Sept. 26, 1812, Jan. 18, 1831, March 31, 1890, aged 78
Daniel Bloom Moot, March 26, 1804, Jan. 18, 1831, Aug. 3, 1891, aged 86

Typist's note: The death dates of the above two were handwritten.


Daniel Bloom Moot, Nov. 16, 1833, Act 13, 1858
Molancthon Nellis Moot, March 28, 1836, Sept. 25, 1860
Libbie Nancy Moot, Dec. 6, 1839, Sept. 4, 1865
Theodore Garner Moot, July 10, 1842
Bell Mary Moot, Dec. 10, 1849

D. B. Moot Jun. married Nellie Ainstead. They have no children.
M. N. Moot married a Miss Hill.
Libbie N. Moot married Charles Hutchinson.
Theodore G. Moot married a Miss Bull.
Bell M. Moot married Clarance, a son of a cashier of one of the Canastota Banks..

Page 9. This was done with a different typewriter.

Eugene Nellis Warner born Jan 10, 1847, Married April 17, 1873
Katge Augusta Hutchins, born Aug. 15, 1853, married April 17, 1873.


Dorr Eugene Warner, born Dec. 6th, 1873.
Otto Nellis Warner, born Dec. 21st, 1874.
Josaphene Clara Warner, born Sept. 26th, 1877.
George Elbridge Warner, born June 21, 1880.
Nettie Nancy Warner, born Aug. 26th, 1881.
Mary Emaline Warner, born Nov. 16, 1884.

Arthur Elbridge Warner, born De;c. 22, 1851, married April 16, 1885.
Mary Catharine Rastetter, born April 23, 1861, married April 16, 1885.


Isadore Nellis Warner, born July 4, 1889.

E. O. Warner died March 11th, 1884. His last wife was Mrs. Marion Sheverel. Her maiden name was Marion Evans. Elbridge had one child by his last wife. Her name was Margerie O. Warner. She was about 16 or 18 years old when I was in Unionville in the fall of 1892, at which time she was married to a young man from Geneva, whose name I believe is Bela Roach.

Wilbur F. Cleveland was the husband of Josephene Warner. She had but one child, and died soon after the child was born, but the child is yet alive I believe at this writing, March 1893. Her child was a son, his name is Alfred Cleveland, and he and his father are living in Minneapolis, Minn. or were in the fall of 1892.

Page 9. This is the second page bearing this number, and this was typed with the original typewriter.

The Family of Nancy Nellis


Nancy Nellis, Feb. 22, 1815, Jan 5, 1842, March 13, 1865
Elbridge O. Warner, Sept. 15, 1811, Jan. 5, 1842, March 11, 1884. (entry hand written)


Cassius Elbridge Warner, Aug. 14, 1844, Died Jan. 27, 1852
Eugene Nellis Warner, Jan 10, 1847
Josephene Warner, Aug. 7, 1849, died Feb. 26, 1870
Arthur Elbridge Warner, Dec. 22, 1851, married April 16th, 1885
Isadore Warner, Jan. 2, 1855, died Jan. 21, 1862.

Elbridge O. Warner married for his second wife, a Mrs. Minerva Shears. He has his thrid wife, but I do not know her name. He had a child by his third wife, but I do not know whether it is a boy or a girl.

Eugene married a Miss Hutchins, daugher of Calvin Hutchins. Josephene married a Mr. Cleveland, son of a dry goods merchant, and she had a child, and died soon after, while the child lived and was doing well the last I heard of it.

(Handwriting) His third wife's name was Mrs. Marion E. Scheveral.

Page 10. The Family of Catharine Nellis.


Catharine Nellis, Oct. 1, 1817, May 30, 1838, Aug. 14, 1863
Parley Richmond, Nov. 9, 1814, May 30, 1838


Mary Ursula Richmond, Nov. 14, 1846, May 20, 1863.

Charles Stroup, Nov. 17, 1842, May 20, 1863.
Georgia Richmond, Nov. 4, 1852

Mary and her husband had two children. Their names are Irving Stroup and Wiliam Henry Stroup.

Irving Stroup born Nov. 2, 1864.
William Henry Stroup was born March 24, 1866.
George Richmond is married and the last I heard of her she was living in Utica. (Following this entry there are five lines of handwriting, some I can read. Typist. "Her husband's name is Maynard. I think he is employed on the RR, Utica, as Express man, or in a part of ??car???. His third wife's name was Mrs. Marion E. Scheroeril?? Born?)

Page 11. The Family of Mary Nellis


Mary Nellis, Feb. 13, 1822, March 23, 1842, Jan 5, 1859.
Henry Fasset, Sept. 14, 1817, March 23, 1842


Harriet Elizabeth Fasset, March 26, 1843, Dec. 23, 1861, Sept. 8, 1862.
David W. Haskell, April 14, 1838, Dec. 23, 1861.
George Henry Fassett, June 28, 1845
John Nellis Fassett, Nov. 28, 1847, Died Oct. 18, 1871.
Samuel Montague Fassett, June 17, 1850
Henry Fassett, Jun., Sept. 20, 1855.

Henry Fasset has had three wives. First, Mary Nellis. Second, Mariah Jones. Third, a Michigan woman, I do not know her name. By Maria Jones he had a son whom he named William Jones Fassett, and he was born Oct. 7, 1863.

George Henry Fassett is married, and I believe has some children.

Page 12. The House of Geo. K. Nellis


George K. Nellis, Jan. 24, 1826, Oct. 16, 1859.
Louisa Jane Fish, July 10, 1840, Oct. 16, 1859.


Mary Minnie Nellis, March 25, 1861.

Louisa left me for the first time, while in Dayton Ohio, on the 23d of June 1861.

She left me the second time in 1880. It occurred I think, in the same month, and on the same day of the month, and while living in Chicago, Ill.

She sued me for a divorce, and her bill of charges was so false I left the state, and refused to defend my case, and the consequence was, she was granted a divorce, Oct. 28th, 1880, by Judge Tuley, of the Chicago Courts.

The following I cut from the Chicago Tribune of Oct. 28th, 1880 as it appeared in the Court Decisions in the columns of that paper.

"Judge Tuley yesterday granted a divorce to Louisa J. Nellis from George K. Nellis on the ground of cruetly."

The Chicago Times of the same date had the following report in its columns:--"DIVORCES. Judge Tuley, 1, 23, 3 Louisa J. Nellis from George K. Nellis, decree for divorce for cruelly."

Page 13. The Offspring of Moot's Family.


Daniel Bloom Moot, Jun., Nov. 16, 1833, Oct. 13, 1858
Nellie Janette Amstead, April 6, 1840, Oct. 13, 1858. (They have no children)

Molancthon Nellis Moot. March 28, 1836, Sept. 25, 1860
Nellis Maria Hill, May 26, 1839, Sept. 25, 1860
Mildred Moot, June 24, 1865, a daughter.
Libbie Nancy Moot, Dec. 6, 1839, Sept. 4, 1865.
Charles Spencer Hutchins, June 10, 1839, Sept. 4, 1865.

Page 14. The House of John D. Nellis.


John D. Nellis, Dec. 10, 1755, Died March 1, 1849.
Nancy his wife, Dec. 1751, Died Sept. 1845.


John I. D. Nellis, Feb. 24, 1783, July 14, 1805, Dec. 3, 1849.

Page 14. John D. Nellis.


John D. Nellis, Dec. 10, 1755, Died March 1, 1849.
Nancy his wife, Dec. 1751, Died Sept. 1845.


John I. D. Nellis, Feb. 24, 1783, July 14, 1805, Dec. 3, 1849.
David Nellis, July 3, 1785, Died Sept. 9, 1789.
Nancy Nellis, Feb. 11, 1787, Danil Ferguson.
Barnhardt Nellis Feb. 1, 1790, Catharin Keller, Aug. 10, 1847.
Maria Nellis, June 14, 1792, Joseph Bruce.
David Nellis, March 4, 1795, Died in Infancy.

John D. Nellis was my Grandfather. His father was born Dec. 25, 1729 and died at age of 89 years and 4 days. His name was David Nellis. He was a Farmer and Weaver; he had but one Son, but he had 3 or 4 daughters. He was small of stature, and wore short breeches and knee-buckles; used tobacco and ardent spirits, as was the customs in his times. He is my Great Grandfather.

My Grandfather, (John D. Nellis) married a widow Keller, whose husband was killed in the Revolutionary war, in battle. Her maiden name was Nancy Garloch. She had two sons by her first husband, (Mr. Keller) and one daughter, who died in infancy. Her oldest son was named Jacob Keller; and the youngest son was named Henry Keller. They both grew up to manhood, and married, raised families and have long since died. Occupation, hasbandman. Jacob had a large family, and died with the dyspepsia. In those days the law gave all the property to the oldest son, and the rest of the children got nothing. Hence Jacob inherited all the property of his father, and

Page 15.

Henry his brother, was given a farm by his stepfather, John D. Nellis.

Father married at 22, and died at 66.
Mother married at 19, died at 89, difference at marriage 3 years.
David married at 24, died at 66.
Caroline married at 21, died at 66.
Eliza Dolph married at 33, died at 39, difference 3 years.
David's 2d time, married at 44, difference 11 years.
Reuben married at 32, died at 48, difference 11 years.
Almira married at 27, difference 5 years
Barnard married at 30, died at 67.
Clarisa married at 23, died at 60, difference 7 years.
Eliza Moot married at 19, died at 78. (written in handwriting)
Daniel married at 27, difference 8 years.
Nancy married at 27, died at 50.
Elbridge married at 31, difference 4 years.
Catharine married at 21, died at 46.
Parley married at 24, difference 3 years.
Mary married at 20, died at 37.
Henry married at 25, difference 5 years.
George married at 33.
Louisa married at 19, difference 14 years.

Page 16. The following in relation to the death of David Nellis was copied from the columns of an Elmore Paper.

"Our community was shocked on Tuesday last by the announcement that Mr. David Nellis had died on Sunday last at Rome, N. Y., and that his remains had been brought home for burial.

Mr. Nellis accompanied his wife to Rome, NY about the first of Sept. to have a cancer treated by a physician at that place. After the treatment had been commenced, Mrs. Nellis was confined to her bed and endured excruciating pains. Mr. Nellis was untiring in his attentions as a nurse, and would scarcely suffer anyone to wait on her but himself. The confinement and anxiety, together with a loss of rest, brought on a fever which laid him on a sick bed for about two weeks. He was slowly recovering, when an attack to erysipelas caused his death on Sunday last. He was buried in the old cemetery here on Tuesday afternoon, attended by a large concourse of citizens.

Mr. Nellis came to this county about 17 years ago, and by his industry and business tact in the disposal of his farm products, and by rigid economy in his expenses, he had amassed a large fortune. The source from which he derived his greatest income, was loaning money at exorbitant rates of interest, and by discounting notes at such rates as the necessities of the sellers would compel them to take. While ignoring the law regulating the rate of interest to be charged, Mr. Nellis firmly believed it to be a perfectly fair business transaction to get such rates as he could.

He has had business relations with a very large portion of the

Page 17. community, and will be missed on our streets as much as any of our business men."

Page 18. The Offspring of David's Family.


Mary Caroline Nellis, Sept. 26, 1837, June 23, 1874.
Henry Anderson, Sept. 18, 1835, June 23, 1874.


George K. Anderson, May 10, 1875.
Cyrus Thomas Nellis, May 15, 1846. May 5, 1874.
Maria Evaline Ingraham, March 26, 1853, May 5, 1874.


Dow Lafayette Nellis, March 20, 1878.
Beade Caroline Nellis, Sept. 1882. (handwritten, unclear)
Minnie Calistie Wilson, Dec. one adopted daughter. (handwritten)
She will be 18, December 1893. She is now, (1892) in the poor house. (handwritten)

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