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This article was sent to us by Elizabeth (Klock) Hoagey. It appeared at some time during the late 1920's or early 1930's in the St. Johnsville Enterprise and News. The owner of the E & N at the time was Lou D. MacWethy. His granddaughter has permitted articles from this time period to be used on the Fort Klock web site.

Klock Letters

Comment by Milo Nellis and Lt. Com.
L. F. Bellinger. Line of George
G. I. Klock Established


Supplementing the Joseph G. Klock letters recently concluded in the Enterprise and News I am handing you herewith copies of four letters by Peter G. Klock, Benjamin Klock and I. G. Klock in 1855 and 60 to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Timmerman then residing at Parnelia, Jefferson county, N Y. and acquired by me through the courtesy of Miss Elizabeth Normander, their granddaughter now living in Philadelphia, New York.

It will be recalled that Miss Normander's grandmother, Mrs. John H Timmerman was Col. Jacob Klock's Klock's granddaughter Eva who married Christian Klock and that he was a son of Judge Jacob G. Klock by his first wife Hanna Nellis, daughter of Christian Nellis.

The Joseph G. Klock letters were mostly written before 1847. These later letters throw some additional light on the family history also some questions.

The identity of this Peter G. Klock writing from Java village, N. Y. May 1, 1855 is not clear. Peter Klock son of George G. Klock is buried on the Burt Klock farm, his tombstone reads Peter Klock died Sept. 10, 1841 aged 57 years 3 months and 7 days. That would make his birth date June 3, 1784 and his death nearly 14 years before this letter was written. This Peter G. Klock refers to uncle Christian and uncle Cornelius Klock and since his middle letter is G. he appears to be the son of Johannes George Klock born July 25, 1768 to Judge Jacob G. Klock and his first wife Hanna NelIis. This Johannes George Klock appears later to have been known as George I. Klock and is not to be confused with George I. Klock, son of Hous Hendrick Klock and Anna Margretha Shoemaker who married Barbara Bauder.

In his letter of Aug. 1, 1823 to his brother John Beekman Klock, Benjamin Klock reports his brother George residing four miles from Utica and it is not unlikely that he later moved to Java village in western New York and that this Peter G. is his son.

Again this I. G. Klock who writes from St. Catherines, Ont. Aug. 15, 1855 and again from Ypsilanti, Mich. July 30, 1860 in the earlier letter refers to Uncle Peter in a way that suggests he is referring to this Peter G. Klock living in Java Center, N. Y. not so very far from St. Catherine's, Ont. which is near Niagara Falls.

Also Benjamin Klock writing to Mrs. Timmerman Dec. 26, 1855 referring to his father (Judge Jacob G. Klock) says I think he gave your father (Christian Klock) and G. I. Klock (Christian's brother) a deed for that land. I think Jacob G. Klock my son in law has got that deed. This seems to identify the writer of the letters from St. Catharines and Ypsilanti as a son in law of Benjamin Klock and to all appearances a son or grandson of G. I. Klock, a brother of Christian Klock and half brother of Benjamin Klock.


Copy of letter in Jacob Klock and Christian Klock papers owned by Miss Elizabeth Normander, Philadelphia, N, Y., June, 1928.

Java Village, May 1, 1855

Dear Sir. I recd yours of April 9th. Your letter was directed to Java office which caused it to be detained for a number of days. It should have been directed to Java village, Wyoming Co., N. Y. The deed you wish to find is not in my possession. I think it must be in the hands of Mr. Matcharn the man that father and Uncle Christian had employed to settle the matter. I heard them say that Mr. Macham had all the writings in his hands. I went according to Uncle Christian's directions to Mr. Matcharn to get the writings. Mr. Matcham said they were at Albany. It may be that the deed you want is in the hands of Uncle Cornelius Klock. I understand that he had all the old writings of grandfather Klock. Please write to me often.

Yours respectfully,


Mr. John H. Zimmerman.

Letter No. 2

St. Catherines, Aug. 15, 55. (Canada, West.)

From Mr. Zimmerman

Dear Sir:

I received your letter yesterday. Soon after I came home from your place Uncle Peter wrote that he was coming to make me a visit about the first of September. So I concluded to let things rest until he came over, as my going over to see him he would think I was anxious to buy him out, but if he comes here I can talk to him in a way that he will not think I feel so much interested. Now my object in writing to see if you can tell me how much land there is in the Gore and how much did Baum have to Pay on the 500 acres that was sold for taxes, that he took, when he was down. I want to get all the information I can in regard to the amt. of land and what it will cost to redeem that which has been sold for taxes if you could see Mr. Baum and have him write me what he knows about it then I would know how to talk to Uncle Peter when he comes over here. I would like to get answer from you and Mr. Baum before 1st September is possible. I shall be going to New York about the 20th of September and if I do anything in the matter I would wish to meet you and Mr. Baum at Albany or some place we could agree on and then make arrangements for pushing things through. Please let me hear from Mr. Baum and yourself as soon as possible.

Yours &c.


Letter No. 3

Little Falls, Dec. 26, 1855.

Dear Neace. I was informed when I arrived home you had been at our house on a visit. I am sorry that I was not at home. I received your letter you wanted to, know where my fathers will was. I have not seen it in forty years. I do not know where it is or who has got it.

I think my father made his last will. in the year 1813, he died Sept., 1814. In that will all his personal property to his children. I think he gave your father and G. I. Klock a deed for that Gore of Land in Remsenburg Patent. I think Jacob G. Klock my son in law has got that deed. He showed me my fathers signature to a deed or something so. I understood him he had that deed. We are all well hoping these few lines may find you in good health. I am going to write him a letter in a few days and inquire of him if he has got it or not or if he knows where it is and will inform you.


Letter No. 4

Ypsilanti, Mich., July 30, 1860.

Direct your letter to I. G. Klock, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Mr. John H. Zimmerman,

Pamelia, N. Y.

Dear Sir:

I was at my mother's and uncle Nicholas Lawyers last week on a short visit but could not stay long enough to come to see you so I thought I would write and let you know where I am and what I am doing &c. We live in a very pleasant town of about 6000 inhabitants and I'm keeping a shoe and leather store and have a fine business. I have a wife and one son only and he is 14 years old and we are all well. Now if you remember I came to see you once

about that Remsen Land, since that I've been gathering up all the papers I could in regard to them and I have

now in my possession the following deeds.

One from Jacob G. Klock to Geo. Klock dated March 11, 1795 for Lots and 44 containing 1000 acres on the north side of the Mohawk river in a tent granted 28th December 1787 to Henry Remsen, George Klock and others. This deed was put on record Herkimer 3d Aug. 1801 in Book D deeds page 136, &c.

I also have deed of a gore from Christian Klock to George I. Klock dated Apr. 19, 1819 said land being in a patent granted to Henry Remsen, Jacob G. Klock and others and being the county of Oneida and I have deed for 600 acres Lot B in a patent granted to Henry Remsen, Jacob G. Klock and others, being in Lot No. 3, deed by John B. Klock Jr., Cornelius Klock, Lana Klock, Benjamin Klock, Ashbel Loomis, Caty Loomis, Elizabeth Klock and Mary Margaret Klock to George I. Klock and Chrisitan Klock dated Feb. 2, 1818 also another deed of same date from all the heirs to George I. Klock for 75 acres in No. 92 and some other deeds of less importance that I will not take time to describe now, the last time you wrote me you said Brown in Watertown had your affairs in hand, what has he done and how does he get along. You can show this to him or to Mr. Baum and if these deed will in any way help along I go to New York again in March and can bring them if I hear from you before that time and you think they would do you any good at any rate I would be glad to hear from you.

Respectfully yours, I. G. Klock

Direct your letter I. G. Klock, Ypsilanti, Michigan

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