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Obituary of Dr. Woodward Warren
Obituary in the Utica Observer,
March 20, 1901,
Oneida County, New York

"Dr. Woodward WARREN - Aged and Esteemed Citizen Died Last Night. A man once prominent in the practice of the medical profession in this vicinity, and who during a long life had held the highest respect of all who knew him, passed away in the person of Dr. Woodward WARREN, who died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. E.B. GUILE, 2 Taylor Avenue, at 11 o'clock last night. He removed from Boonville to Utica seven years ago and since that time had continued to reside in this city.

Dr. WARREN was born in Deerfield September 5, 1823. He was the son of Woodward and Mary SEAMAN WARREN and came of good New England stock. He secured employment on the Utica Observer, but when about 30 years of age gave up his position to commence the study of medicine in the office of Dr. Watson. Studying medicine at the same time was D. C. Judson Hill, who later was favored with an extensive business also. On begin admitted to practice, Dr. WARREN took up his residence in Deerfield and after living there for about six years, removed to Boonville, where with the exception of two years spent in Madison, he had continued to reside. He was recognized as a most skilled physician and esteemed as a man of the highest character, and he enjoyed a very large practice. Seven years ago he retired and had since made his home with his daughter in this city.

Dr. WARREN, in addition to his ability in the medical profession, had a liking for the line of literary endeavor and evidenced much talent for writing. Years ago he wrote poems that were widely read and well received and even of late had written some excellent poetry and prose sketches. He was a member of the Methodist Church. He was enrolled also in the Oneida County Homeopathic Medical Society and took much interest in its affairs. Dr. WARREN's first wife was Nancy BIDDLECOME, who died in 1864. About 36 years ago, he married Fanny M Clark (note: should be KLOCK) who survives, as do the following children: Mrs. A.M WHIFFEN of Oswego, Mrs. A.N. SCHRYVER of Ithaca, Mrs. Mary SCOVILLE of Fremont, Ohio, Mrs. E.B. GUILE of Utica, and Charles J. WARREN. He also leaves one brother, Richardson WARREN of this city."

(Dr. Woodward WARREN was a grandson of John and Mary (RICHARDSON) WARREN who came to Deerfield, Oneida County, New York, from Cheshire, Massachusetts, about 1793. The WARREN line descends from John WARREN who emigrated to this country from England with the Winthrop Fleet, settling in Watertown, Massachusetts.)

The line of Francis Klock, wife of Dr. Warren goes like this;
Frances Klock
John J. Klock, who married Anna Hillegas,
Jacob G. Klock, who married Nancy Loucks
George G. Klock, who married Catharine Bellinger
Johanguergh Klock (Old George) who married Maria Catharine Walrath
Hendrick Klock

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