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Simeon Klock

Obituary: January 12, 1901 Pulaski, NY

"Mr. Simeon Klock, for many years a resident of this village, died at his home, suddenly, Saturday evening about eleven o'clock. He ate his supper as usual and went out on the street feeling very well. While on the street he was taken seriously afflicted with heart trouble, he was removed to his home where he expired in a short time.

Mr. Klock was born at Sharon, Schoharie, Co., NY, August 28, 1823. He came to this town in April, 1868 and has since been a resident here. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Klock; a daughter, Mrs. Ella Clark; a son, Arthur B. Klock; and two daughters, Adaline Klock and Mrs. Lizzie Scott. The funeral was held Monday, at 8 p.m. Rev. J.B. Felt officiating. Friends attending from out of town were a brother, Mr. Amanzo Klock, of Scriba only surviving brother. He and one sister are all the surviving members of a family of eight children. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Scott of Oswego, NY, Mr. A. B. Klock of Syracuse NY, Mr. Wm. Kellogg of Minetto, and Mr. Charles Markham of Lysander.

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