Klock Connections

Obituary of James Bell Klock, sent to me by Doug Mackey of Ont. Canada.

Klock, James Bell, M.P., born at Aylmer, Canada West, Oct. 5, 1856; son of Robert H. Klock, married first, Alice McDougall, Dec. 20, 1883, second, a Miss Patterson; attended Aylmer Academy and Berthier Academy; became lumber merchant, farmer and stock raiser at Klock's Mills, Ont.; was President Quinze Electric Power Co.; director, Crystal Gold Mining Co.; was Reeve of Cameron Township, Ont.; elected to the House of Commons in 1896, for Nipissing, Ont.; sat until the dissolution of the 8th Parliament, but was not a candidate, 1890; Conservative; died June 14, 1927, at Preston, Ont.

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