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Emmet Klock

Emmet Klock died at his residence on the farm formerly the property of Henry P. Bellinger of St. Johnsville, about one mile and a half east of this village, on the southside at 2:30 p.m., Thursday of pneumonia, after on illness of several weeks. Mr. Klock, who was 40 years old, was the son of Reuben Klock and Barbara Bellinger, his wife, who removed from the vicinity of St. Johnville to the eastern port of Danube, near the Minden line. Both were members of the old Palatine families bearing those names, the Klocks having located east of St. Johnsville, where the first Reformed Church in this vicinity was erected in 1756, under the sperintendence of Christian Klock. The Bellingers located in what is now known as Currytown, where they bore their share of the trials and privations of the Revolution, representatives of the family settling in Danube the later part of the 18th Century. Mr. and Mrs. Klock, both remained in Danube the balance of their lives, passing away less than a decade ago, residing on the farm owned now owned by Irving Klock of Little Falls. A few years ago the deceased purchased the farm on the south side of his cousin, Otto Bellinger, (who now resides on the Pacific Coast) where he had since resided. Mr. Klock was a very hard working man and an excellent citizen, and was highly regarded by all that new him. He had partially recovered from the first attack of the disease, but in his debilitated condition a relapse proven fatal. He is survived by his widow, (born Mary Tinkler), and three small children, one born the day prior to his decease. Four brothers, Ryan of Fall Hill, Danube; Irving of Little Fallls, Elmer of southeastern Danube; and Walter of Binghamton, survive, as do three sisters, Iantha, widow of Charles M. Zoller of Minden; May G., wife of George W. poor copy, really hard to read, may be Hpoof ) of Newville, Alila, wife of Frazer (maybe Khowerthan ) of the Perl Willett neighborhood, Minden. The funeral was held Saturday.

Obituary from the Enterprise and News St. Johnsville, NY

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