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Elwood Klock

Elwood Clock, (Simon Clock, John Bellinger Klock, George G. Klock, Johanguergh Klock, Hendrick Klock) spelled his name with a “C” according to my family tree.

Elwood Klock, aged 64 years, passed away at his home on Ann Street Sunday morning after a few days illness of congestion of the lungs.

Mr. Klock was born in the town of Minden and has been blind since his birth. He is survied by two sisters, Miss Elizabeth Klock and Miss Elvira Klock with whom he resided and one brother, G. Dewitt Klock of Pasadena, Cal. The funeral was held today at 1 P.M. in the Methodist Episcopal church in this village of which the decedant was a member. Rev. F. E. Arthur officiating. The body will be placed temporarily in the receiving vault in Prospect View cemetery and later taken for interment in the cemetery at Fords Bush.

Obit of Elwood Klock from Enterprise And News of St. Johnsville, NY

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