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Hendrick Klock was a Pioneer in the Mohawk Valley. He was born in 1663 in Kassel Massen, Germany. He came to America in 1704 according to the Biographical Review of Madison County, New York published by the Biographicial Review Publishing Company of Boston, Mass., and the Bible record of Joseph G. Klock. Hendrick died in the Mohawk Valley, in 1760 He is buried in Old Klock Cemetery, in St. Johnville, New York. His headstone that stands next to the new one above, reads:




The name Hendrick Klock, appears under various spelling, Hendrik, Henry, Honorich, Hans, and Hendrick. Hendrick was known as a Dutch Indian Trader and later Yeoman from Schoharie. He was good friends with an Indian Chief by the name of King Hendrick. He was married to Maria Margaretha ( some say her last name was Schopferin ) Maria was born in 1672 and died in 1721. Hendrick was married four times, and survived his last wife by 15 years. Honorich Klock, Jr., Jacob (the Col) Barvalis ( Barbara ) and Johannas are believed to have been born before Hendrick and his family arrived in the Mohawk Valley.

On August 26, 1725 Hendrick Klock and Christian House jointly purchased Lot # 13 of the Harrison Patent from Harmanus Wendell. Lot #13 was a 650 acre parcel of land in the Mohawk Valley. Harmanus Wendell died before the deed was signed. On August 24, 1732 the land was deeded to Hendrick Klock by Jacob Wendell and his mother, Anna Wendell by way of a quit claim deed. Then on May 24, 1743, Hendrick Walrath deeded his interest in Lot 13 to Hendrick Klock. Lot 13 is described in the deed as the lowermost half and bounded on one side by lot 12 owned by Christian Nellis Sr. Christian Nellis and his brother, William Nellis were the first white settlers in and about the Palatine Church District. The Klock and Nellis families married into each others families many times over the years, creating several family ties. Hendrick Klock took the oath of Naturalization in Aubany on October 11, 1715. This made it possible for his children to inherit his land.

All but one of the sons of Hendrick Klock was in the Revolutionary War and are named the list of Col. Jacob Klock regiment. Several of his grandchildren were also in the American Revolutionary War. In the last issue of the Klock Family Newsletter, I wrote an article about Fort Stanwix. I talked about John Klock who lived at what is now Fort Klock. He marched with the militia on August 6, 1777 to try and relieve Fort Stanwix. John Klock survived and returned home. His Uncle Adam Klock, and two children of Magdalena Bellinger ( Klock ) and Johannes Bellinger. Magdalena was the daughter of Honorich Klock Adam was the son HendrickKlock. Adam Klock John Bellinger and Fredrick Bellinger lost their lives in the battle of Oriskany. There may have been other descendants of Hendrick Klock that lost their lives in the Revolutionary War. If you know of any more, please let me know.

Hendrick Klock had nine children. The chronological order of the children can not be established. The children are as follows:

Honorich Klock

Jacob Klock (the Col.)

Barvalia Klock

Johannas Klock (Fort Klock)

Johanguergh Klock (also know as Old George)

Conrad Clock (founders of Clockville )

Adam Klock (killed at Oriskany, August 6, 1777)

Honjost Klock

Magdalena Klock

The information for this article was taken from, the Klock/Clock Genealogy Book by Helen Laura Clock Williams, the Family Tree of Betty Hoagey of Newark, De.

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