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The following is from the Klock Family Newsletter.
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George Grantison Klock (Isaac, Christian, John, John Jr., Johannas, Hendrick) was born on Feb. 14, 1862 in New York. He was the fourth born child of Isaac Klock and Lucy Hartwick. Grant, as he liked to be called, moved to Michigan when he was young. The family settled in thumb area of Michigan in Tuscola, County.

Grant lost an eye and had a glass one. When I first heard about his glass eye, I thought maybe he had lost it in battle. "Nothing so Grand," grandson, Richard Cypher told me in a e-mail. Grant lost his eye in an accident. He was burning a large brush pile on the farm and a hot branch snapped back and hit him in the eye.

Grant had been married four times. Nothing is known about his first marriage. His second was to Myrtle Onderkirk in 1888. This was Myrtle's second marriage as well. Myrtle's parents were F.P. Nichols and Lynda Hegger. Grant's third marriage was to Mary Dupries. Mary was the daughter of John Dupries a Mary Winters. They were married the 25 of January 1895. It is not known if Grand had any children as a result of his first three marriages. Then on Jan. 29, 1898 Grant married Rowena Salisbury. Rowena Salisbury was born in Kansas and her parents were Henry Salisbury and Susan Graves. Grant and Rowena had five children, Inza, Agmes, Carl, Ena, and Lorena. Grant died on April 11, 1917 in Vassar, Michigan. If any one has any information about Grant's first three marriages, let me know. We would like to know if there were any children born in any of these marriages.

Hold on now, I am getting to the meat of this story and why I titled this story," The Last Klock".

Carl was the only son of (that we know about) Grant and Rowena. Carl was born May 30, 1908 and he married Lucille Hulverson. on Oct. 30, 1954. Carl and Lucille had three children, Rina, Mary, and Nancy. Today all three girls are married and have children of their own. When Carl died in 1979. The Ena Klock married Louie Adams and had three Children.

Inza Klock married Frank Simmons and had twelve Children.

Carl Klock married Lucille Hulverson and they had three Children.

Agnes Klock married William Luther Cypher and had eleven Children.

Lorena Klock had died in infancy.

Klock name died with him. Or that is what the family thought.

The Rest of the Story

When I first starting researching my family tree, I put an inquiry out on Family Tree Maker, an internet site. I got a response (e-mail) from Tammy Lash who lives in Oregon. Tammy is the Great Granddauther of Grant Klock.

My Grandfather, Jacob Klock, very rarely talked about his family and when he did, he would say," I was adopted ". or " I was left on a door step". My father, Carl, did not know anything about his family. It was not until I was a teenager did my Grandfather tell me he had two brothers and a sister and that he did not know if they were alive or dead. He had not seen them since he was a child. He was about 80 at the time. Now, Grant and his son, Carl must have fell from the same branch.

They were as right mouthed as my Grandfather was. Tammy gave me her Aunt's name and telephone number. Her Aunt June DeBoise lived in Tustin, Michigan. About 15 miles from where I grew up as a child. I called June up and set up a day we could meet. We talked for hours and had a great time. I had brough some of my old picture with me and She got out hers. As we talked and looked at pictures, we discovered that I had a picture of her Aunt Agnes standing next to my Grandmother. She also had a picture of my Grandmother standing next to her Aunt. We knew then that we were some how related.

After some research, I found the connection. Grant was my Grand Father's Uncle. This story does not end here. This is where it began. My tree had grown by several hundred new cousins and Grant's family found out the name of Klock was alive and well. I will continue this story in another Newsletter. I want to tell you about Nancy Brown and her family. I also want to share another story about finding one of my Grandfathers brothers.

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