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The Early Klock Families

The following is from the Klock Family Newsletter.

From the research I have seen on the early Klock families of this country, there seems to be four or five main Klock families that came to this country from Germany in the early days. It is not know if these families were related, but I for one would not be surprised if they were.

From the research of Sherman O. Klock, which I am taking some of my information from for this article, there was a Peter Clouq, (Peter Clock) His name appears in the book as an agent of the Dutch East India Company based in New Amsterdam, now New York City. No other information has been found about him. He may have returned to his native land or moved farther inland, up the Mohawk along its shores, for their furs.

There was a Pelgrom Klock who was called a minister and farmer. He came to this country about 1658. He took the oath of Allegiance in September 1678. He was one of the original settlers in New Amsterdam.

Another early arrival to the shores of the New World was Abraham Klock. He is listed as a passenger on an old ship list of the year 1641. He was a carpenter. He was married to a Tryntje (Catherine) Alberts.

There was another Peter Kluck, (Klock) who came to this country around 1750. He lived 14 miles from Reading Pennsylvania. On March 24,1756 his house was set on fire by Indians and his family killed. However, some of his children survived.

Then there was Hendrick Klock who came to this country about 1704. He is the one we are more familiar with. He settled in the Mohawk Valley. His son, Johannes Klock is the one who caused Fort Klock to be erected in 1750. It remained in the hands of the Klock Family for over 180 years before it was purchased by the Musket Loaders Association and turned into National Historical Landmark.

There is one family of Klocks that I have talked with (through e-mails) that are not Descended through one of the people in this article. He is an semi retired attorney who lives in Key Largo, Florida. His name is Joseph Klock and according to Joe, his family come over in the early 1900s. However, he says he has supported Fort Klock and has visited it. His son, Joseph Klock Jr. is the Attorney that was on the legal team of President Bush during that crazy mess in the elections last year in Florida. Joseph Klock Senior is on my mailing list for the Newsletter and is quite active in his retirement. I will tell his story is another issue of the Newsletter.

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