Obituary of Earl D. Klock

Amsterdam Recorder

Monday May 14, 1906

Vicinity News; Fultonville

Death of Earl Klock

Earl Klock died early Saturday morning. Mr. Klock has been ill for several weeks. He is survived by his wife and one child, Russell. The funeral was held this afternoon. Internment in the Fonda Cemetery.

Additional Information

Earl D. Klock, (Levi Klock, Benjamin Klock, Jacob George Klock, Johanguergh Klock, (Old George) and Hendrick Klock) . Earl Klock was born October 25, 1875. He married to Luella J. Lisdell who was born September 01, 1874 and died July 05, 1919. They only had the one child, Russell who was born September 09, 1900.

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