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Sharon Thompson e-mailed me with the following message. She is e-mailing me the pictures. I asked if I could put them on line with this story. The picture is of Thornton A Reed and Cora Cogger Reed with their son Revelles. Sharon contacted me because she would like to see the picture get back to the Family of Revelles Reed. I have the line of Revelles Reed (Thornton Reed as Fitzhugh Reed who married Adelphi Wicks. Adelphi Wicks was the daughter of Perle Wicks and Mary Margaret Klock. Mary Margaret was the daughter of John Beekman Klock and Margaret Klock. Line of John Beekman Klock (Jacob George, Johanguergh “Old George” and Hendrick Klock) Line of Margaret Klock, (Joseph G., George G., Johanguergh “Old George and Hendrick Klock.)

“I went to a Market here in the town I live and they had a box of assorted old pictures. I asked, if they would sell the entire box, as I would like to purchase them to locate the families these pictures belong too. I told the lady that I do genealogy and I feel that these pictures have families somewhere that may like to have them, and I like to try and find the rightful owners. She looked at me and said, I feel the same way. I don't understand, she said, how anyone would just get rid of family pictures. She said to me, if this is what you want to do with them, then you can have them and the lady gave them to me at no cost. There are several different families in this box and I hope to find a family member that is doing genealogy and would be interested in one of their family pictures.”

Sharon Thompson

Revelles Reed has been traced back to 1975 where he resided in Mountain Home, Arkansas. If you have any information on this family, please e-mail me. E-Mail: klock@swmcom.net


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