Willard Klock
Hammond Advertiser
Sept. 18, 1937

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Obituary of Willard Klock

Brier Hill--Willard Klock, 80, a former resident of this village, passed away at his home in Ogdensburg last Friday evening, after a short illness. The funeral was held from the late home, Sunday afternoon at 1:30, conducted by Rev. Dr. Wm. C. MacIntyre of Ogdensburg. Interment was made in the Ingham cemetery near this village.
Mr. Klock was born at Oak Point, Nov. 13, 1857. He conducted a music store here for many years, being located in the residence formerly owned by the William Brown.
Mr. Klock moved to Ogdensburg a number of years ago, where he also conducted a music store for many years, on State Street.
Several from here attended the funeral rites Sunday.

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