Newsletter #9, April 2002

Dave Klock, Promotes Public Awareness

Dave Klock is a systems engineer with the Naval Air Systems Command Airborne Strategic Communications Program in Patuxent River, Maryland. Dave has never been afraid to get up in front of a lot of people and talk. He is quite an effective public speaker as well. Dave gives speeches to promote disability awareness. He has spoken to hundreds of elementary school children in Southern Maryland during disability awareness day events. Dave has seen the way some people treat people with disabilities differently. He has seen it first hand. Dave has muscular dystrophy. He was diagnosed with FSH muscular dystrophy when he was 7 years old. FSH muscular dystrophy is a progressive neuromuscular disease that affects the muscles of the arms, legs, back and face. Dave talks with school children, “ I challenge them to think about those with disability in a different way.”

Dave is an electrical engineer who works on E-6B trainer/training for strategic communications command and control program office. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Office of Personnel Management’s ( OPM ) Eastern Management Development Center and has been speaking at their seminars for over five years. OPM approached Dave to design a segment about employing people with disabilities for federal managers and supervisors who attend the seminars. Dave speaks at the OPM’s East Coast Development Center in Shepardstown, West Virginia about once a month. “I try to present myself as a professional who happens to have a disability,” said Dave.

Dave recalls being treated differently when he began using a wheelchair about seven years ago. “Often people are uncomfortable around someone who is blind or in a wheelchair”, he said. “I give speeches to promote awareness so people might become more at ease with someone with a disability. Dave now uses a powered wheelchair and also relies on the assistance from Candy, a 10 year old Saint Bernard/Rottweler mix. Candy goes everywhere with Dave. He got her from Canine Partners For Life, a service dog organization in Pennsylvania. Dave got her about 9 years ago when he was still able to walk. They have a close relationship according to Dave. “Sometimes I even know what she is thinking”. Dave did some public affairs work for Canine Partners. He spoke at the Maryland Legislature in 1997 to advocate allowing service dogs in training into public places. The law at the time only allowed certified service dogs into public places. The efforts of Dave Klock and Canine Partners paid off. The law was changed to allow dogs in training into public places.

Dave has spoken about disability awareness for the Philadelphia Area Federal Executive Board, the University of Delaware and the Megan Barbara Flannigan Institute, a school based in Philadelphia that provides job skills training to those with disabilities.

When working for the NAWCAD Warninster, Dave was the chairperson for the Warninster’s Disabled Access Committee. In this capacity he worked to resolve disability related issues in the workplace and to promote the hiring of qualified persons with disabilities. He received the 1993 Personal Achievement Award for his work in this area. Dave was on a national task force for public awareness for Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) for two years and is a former member of the executive board of the South Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the MDA. He gave many speeches and did promotional writing for the association. Dave also served as the secretary for the Mancus Foundation, an organization in Delaware which provides social and recreational activities for people with disabilities.

In the spring of 1997 the U.S. Department of Justice invited Dave to speak to managers and supervisors during a seminar on persons with disabilities. There he met Janet Reno, who was the keynote speaker at the event.

Dave says his hard work is paying off. He gets feedback from federal managers in the OPM classes who thank him for his enjoyable and informative presentations. They tell him how he has helped them to look at people with disabilities in a more positive light. The school children write him letters about how he has influenced their opinions of people with disabilities.

I talked with Dave last month on the telephone and he said he was doing fine. I had hoped he would have sent me a picture for the Newsletter. Maybe I can put it in the next Klock Family Newsetter if he sends me one. I am not sure if he is a descendant of Hendrick Klock, but I would not be surprised if he is.

Note: David Bruce Klock died July 18, 2002. His Obituary is on line on this web page under Klock Obituaries and David Bruce Klock.

“ Frankturs “

A Bible Cover or “Frakturs” painted by William Murray is on display at the Margaret Reaney Memorial Library in St. Johnsville, New York. Murray painted family records in the State of New York from 1785 to 1822. This wonderful example of his work was painted for Elizabeth Klock Shell. There are several hearts on this frakfurs. The center heart of this fraktur has the name Christian Klock. He was born March 29, 1776. Christian Klock married Eve Klock on October 23, 1797. The surrounding hearts are for the children of Christian and Eve Klock. Elizabeth was born July 1, 1778, Nancy on March 14, 1804, and Permelia was born November 7, 1815. Christian was the son of Jacob G. Klock. Jacob was the son of Johanguergh ( Old George ) Klock and Johanguergh was the son of Hendrick Klock. Eve was the daughter of Jacob Klock, Jr., who was the son of Col. Jacob Klock and Col. Jacob Klock was the son of Hendrick Klock. I guess that would have made them third cousins. Back then it was not unusual for people to marry first, second and third cousins. It drives my family tree maker program crazy when a Klock marries another Klock. Maybe that is why I am a little nuts…. Not enough genes in the pool…

Update on the Klock Family Reunion

I talked with Jerry Klock last month and he said he is going to roast a Hog for the upcoming Klock Family Reunion. We will still deep-frying some turkeys as well.

We also talked about a hobo diner. That is where you put vegs. in a trash can and cook them over an open fire.

The reunion will be held north of Morley, Michigan just off old 131. It will be held on June 20, 2002. The reunion will start 1:00 p.m. You are asked to bring your own plates, silverware and drinks. If you plan on drinking, you will be asked to spend the night.

There will be room for campers, tents, and motor homes. There are also motels, and other campgrounds in the area.

If you are planning on attending, please let me know by June 10th so we can plan on how many will be coming. If you need more information about this reunion can call me at 616-637-7843 or you can e-mail me.

Pass the Word

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Henry A. Klock, Obituary

Henry A. Klock was born in Branchdale, Schuylkill County. Pa., the son of Dr. Egbert LeRoy Klock and Anna D. Young. He was married to Mabel S. Killian who passed away in 1999.

Henry Klock was chairman to the Art Department of Valley Stream South High School in Valley Stream, Long Island, New York, from 1931 to 1938 he taught Art in Delano, Pa.

Henry was also a former simi-pro baseball pitcher for the Orwigsburg Panthers. Henry Klock was a graduate of New York University and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in New York City and the Brooklyn Museum School.

Henry Klock died on November 26, 2001 at Evergreen Nursing Home. He lived with his son and daughter-in-law, Anna Mae Klock in Morrisonville, New York before becoming a resident of the nursing home.

He is survived by his two sons, William of Morrisonville, New York and LeRoy Klock of Reading, Pa., and to daughters, Elizabeth Klock, who lives in Florida, and Susan R. Finney who lives in Queens, New York. He is also survived by eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

My Great Great Grandfather, Isaac Klock

Isaac Klock ( Christian Klock, John J. Klock Jr., John J. Klock, Johannes Klock, Hendrick Klock ) was born in New York in 1829. HE married Lucy Hartwick. She was born in New York in 1830.

This picture was found in a box of pictures my sister has that once belonged to my Grandfather. In the same box was a picture of my grandfather. The pictures are the same size and type of paper and he was sitting in the same chair so I would guess they were taken at the same time. My grandfather was about 8 years old when his picture was taken. He was born in 1886 so I would guess the picture of Isaac Klock was taken about 1894.

Isaac and Mary lived in Tuscola County, Michigan. I do not know where they lived when they died. I have not been able to find where they were buried. According to Census records they had 7 or eight children.

Charles Klock born 1850
Ira born 1852
Jason born 1857
Horace born 1861
George G. born 1862
Emma born 1862
Ella born 1869
Ala born 1869

Charles Klock married Fanny Putman and had four children; Samual, Jessie, Bertha and Florence.

Emma Klock married David Smith on Dec. 10, 1882

Ella Klock married Henry Pestow on Jan. 25, 1895

Ala Klock, who was the twin of Ella died in Tuscola County, Michigan in 1886 at the age of 17.

George Grantison Klock was married four times, Nothing is known about the first three marriages but his forth wife was Rowena Salisbury and they had five children, Lorena, Carl, Ena, Inza, and Anges.

I know nothing about Jason and Horace Klock except the year of their births.

The Klock Family Tree on Line

I have updated the Klock Family Tree that I have on line on the Fort Klock Web Site. It is now about 60 pages and has over 2000 names. It is under Genealogy, Johannes Klock. I say I, but all I did was sent the information to the web master, Joyce Berry and she posted it to the site.

Joyce Berry, who is web master of the Fort Klock Web Page and also President of the Membership at Fort Klock, has posted some of the articles out of the Klock Family Newsletter. I think it is great!! I send her a copy of the Newsletter each month and she sees something she likes, she puts it on line on the Fort Klock Historic Restoration and Indian Castle Church…

Trinity Storm Dodd

Trinity Storm Donn (Jeff Dodd, Carol Klock Dodd, Carl Klock, Jacob Klock, Ira Klock, Isaac Klock, Christian Klock, John J. Klock Jr., John J. Klock, Johannes Klock and Hendrick Klock) was born February 1, 2002. She was 191/2 inches and 7.3. lbs. She was born to Jeff and Stacy Dodd. Mon, Dad and Trinity live in Imperial, Mo.

The last article is Genealogy: The Family Registry, compiled by George Nellis, already on line.


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