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Newsletter #5 December 2001

Helen Laura Clock Williams

Klocks of Franklinville

Jacob Klock and his family left Herkimer County and moved to Franklinville, New York in 1866. The Village of Franklinville was established in 1824. Jacob Klock purchased a farm from William Nottingham that was known as the Cooley Farm. Jacob brought with him a family that was sturdy, honest, and industrious and had a rich history of dairy farming. Jacob also saw the value of the stands of sugar maple trees that were on the farm. Before the arrival of Jacob and his family, sap from the maple trees was gathered and then boiled out of doors. The Klock’s were the first people in the area to build a sugarhouse in their sugarbush. ( Sugarbush is the term used for the location of the stand of the sugar maple trees used for gathering sap ) That sugarhouse stands today in full view of the fine old sugar bush.

Maple syrup is a seasonal operation and since the sap only runs in the spring, the Klocks therefore had a large dairy operation. This dairy operation continued into the next generation by Jacob’s sons, Harry and Perry. They were a patron of one of many local cheese factories. More often than not they were the first ones there every morning with the days milk production. In those days the milk was carried to the cheese factory in cans by horse and wagon.

Jacob Klock was born on the 29th of September in 1802. He married Abigail Ayers Woolever on January 7, 1830. Jacob and Abigail had six children; Harvey, Perry, Mary, Adeline, Sarah and Emily. After Jacobs death on January 3, 1887 Harvey and Perry continued working on the family farm for many years.

Records of Mount Prospect Cemetery, the principal cemetery in Franklinville, New York gives the following Klocks.

Perry A. Klock 1844-1918
Nellie Klock 1852-1924
Floyd H. Klock 1877-1926
Myrtle L. Klock 1881-1925
Earl D. Klock 1880-1918
Augusta Klock 1885-1947
Harvey Klock 1841-1912
V. Klock 1850-1919
Ivah Bard Klock 1870-1929

Jacob Klock and his wife, Abigail may be buried in a small cemetery in the area or even on the family farm which was common in those days.

The Mohawk Valley Declaration of Independence

On page five of this Newsletter is the Mohawk Valley Declaration of Indpendence.
It can be found on the Fort Klock Web Site. I believe it was e-mailed to me by Sara Israel. (I got a virus that wiped out all my e-mails but I think it was Sara that send it to me.) She thought it would be nice to put it in the Newsletter. I agree, it is very interesting. According to Willis Barshied, who spoke at the Klock Family Reunion and who was the driving force behind the Fort Klock Historic Restoration Project. Willis Barshied commented that there was an earlier declaration. The Committee of Correspondence met at Loucks Tavern in Stone Arabia about a year before and stated their intent for independence.

This document does give us some insight or understanding of what the people of the Mohawk Valley were like. They made their feeling clear, knowing full well what they were saying was treason and could get them hung. Freedom was more than just a word to them and they felt it was worth dying for, and many did. We owe a lot to our ancestors. It is places like Fort Klock that help keep that history alive. I urge you to support Fort Klock in any way you can and help keep this small part of history alive.

Have a Very Merry Christmas…………….Dave


The next article is The Early Klock Families then the Klock’s of Franklinville, followed by the Genealogy, the Family Registry and the Mohawk Valley Declaration of Independence. ________________________________________________________________________

I Got A Virus or Worm

I opened an e-mail a few days ago ( 11/27/01 ) and got a virus. Before I knew this virus got into my computer and sent itself to everyone I had in my address book. This worm is called Worm Badtrans B. I had to install a Norton Anti-Virus program on my computer to clear it up. I got several e-mails from people letting me know I sent them a virus. I am sorry if it caused anyone any problems. Dave


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