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The Klock Family Newsletter, Issue #3

October 2001

United We Stand

September 11, 2001. This day will live in our memories for the rest of our lives. The day our country was attacked. The past few weeks I have cried a million tears for my brothers and sisters in New York, Washington and in Pennsylvania. The whole country has. Although I live some 850 miles from New York the repercussion from the terrorist attack that destroyed the World Trade Center has been felt in South Haven, Michigan and throughout the our wonderful country and the world. We, this nation will never be the same. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones in this horrible attack. May God be with them and us all as we cope with this disaster. We stand united behind our President, no mater if we voted for him or not, because that is the American way. No one wants war, but these terrorists groups must be stopped before they strike again. I am a Vietnam Vet and I understand the type of war our country has entered into against these terrorists groups. It will not be easy or quick, but it must be done. We must all Stand United behind our President and the leaders of our great nation. Together we will get through this and we will emerge a better nation and perhaps a better world will be the result of the attacks on our country, and the people in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in that field in Pennsylvania will not have died in vain. Forgive me for using this Newsletter as a way to vent my hurt, anger and frustration over the events of the past few weeks.

Our Ancestors have fought in every war this country has been involved in. Check page two of this Newslettter. There is an article about Thomas Klock who was in WWII. My father and four of my Uncles also fought in that war. My father taught me from a young age to be proud of our country, and when it was my turn to fight for this great country, I went willingly. My war was not a popular one and history has proven it was not a necessary one like WWII, but it was a noble cause, to preserve freedom. I was proud to do my bit for my country and that pride has always been with me.

Was your father in WWII, Korea, or Viet Nam. Let me know and send me a picture. I will put it in our Newsletter. I do need your help to make this Newsletter a success. I need information about your family and I need you to subscribe to this Newsletter. It cost about 75 cents, for each Newsletter to write, print and mail it out. I can not afford to do it without your help.
Thanks, Dave

Thomas Pryor Gore Klock

Thomas G. Klock was born in Avery, Oklahoma on March 9, 1908. His parents were William Klock and Agnes Mary ( Sobiech ) Klock. William was born in March of 1860 in Herkimer, New York and Agnes was born in January of 1866 in Warsaw, Poland. Tom was the youngest of 11 children. His parents moved from Minnesota to Avery, Oklahoma ( Indian Territory ) in the second Land Rush of 1890. The 160 acres his parents acquired in the Land Rush are still in the Klock Family.

The Klock Family moved to Drumright, Ok., after Tom was born. Drumright is about 10 miles from Avery. The family had several businesses in the boom days of Drumright. A grocery, feed store, café, and a Dairy Farm where the family also grew crops.

Tom joined the Army on March 8, 1942 after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Tom trained in Louisiana a California and graduated on May 16, 1942 with Battery A 51st AA Training Battalion at Camp Callan, California. The ship that was transporting him and other soldiers was struck by a torpedo and suffered heavy damage, but was able to continue on it’s way across the Atlantic Ocean to the Canary Islands. There they boarded another ship. Tom served in the invasion of South Africa at Morocco as well as in the invasion of Sicily. After serving his country in World War II, he returned home in 1945.

Tom worked in the Oil Fields. He worked for Service Pipe Line and Standard Oil Company that later became Amoco Oil Company. He retired in September of 1965. After he retired his passion was gardening. He loved to grow fruits and vegetables and he loved to share his harvest with his friends and family.

Tom Klock died in December of 2000. He was 92. He was buried with full military honors by the VFW. He was buried in the Klock Family plot in Fairlawn Cemetery in Cushing Oklahoma.

Thanks to Mary Agnes Klock for sharing this story.

Last month I received a large envelope from one of our cousins, Roy Nichols. Roy lives in Yuma, Az. He sent me a copy of a family register. Roy told me it was typed on fragile paper, like rice paper. The Family Registry was compiled and arranged by George K. Nellis, Ashtabula, Ohio on May 7th 1866. and copied on the typewriter, April 18, 1884. It has a lot of genealogical information on it. I am going to send it to Fort Klock to see if they would like to put in on line. I am also going to put the information in this newsletter. It is 23 pages so I will take a little while, but I will condense the information. I will let you know if the webmaster, Joyce Berry puts in on line on the Fort Klock web page.

Link to Klock Family Registry, from Roy Nichols

I had hoped more family members would have subscribed to the Klock Family Newsleter. I do enjoy writing the Newsletter, however I can not afford to write, print and mail them out. I mailed over 100 copies last month. It cost me about 75 cents a copy. Only 10 people have subscribed to the Newsletter so far. If you enjoy reading “The Klock Family Newsletter” , please send in your subscription. $15.00 for 12 issues to

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Please send me addresses of your family so I can get a mailing list established for future events, like the Klock Family Homecoming Reunion held last August 4, 2001.

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Looking for Woodruff Klock

I am looking for information on Woodruff Klock. He was born Sept. 12, 1895 in Tuscola County, Michigan. His father was Ira Klock and his mother’s name was Cynthia. I think her maiden name may have been Woodruff. All I know about her is she was born in Penn. Ira and Cynthia had five children.

Hattie B. b. May 1884
Mattie M. b. May 1886
Jessie Ann b. January 1890
Ida Dolly b. January 1992
Woodruff b. September 12, 1896

I believe Hattie, Mattie, and Jessie were children of Cynthia, from a different marriage and may have a different last name. Ida and Woodruff were the children of Ira and Cynthia. Ira was married to Emeline Dolliver and had two other children. Ira August and Jacob Clifford Klock. ( Jacob C. Klock was my Grandfather. ) All I know about Woodruff is that he lived in Rich Hill, Missouri and died May 1979. Anyone having information on Woodruff Klock, please contact me. I have been looking for information for about two years. He may have had children and I would like to be able to contact them. They could have information that could answer a lot of questions for me.

Dave Klock

Are you looking for someone? Someone out there has answers to your questions. Send me your questions and I will put them in our Newsletter. Maybe together we can find those answers.

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