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The Klock Family Newsletter

Issue # 2
September 2001

The Klock Family Homecoming Reunion

The Klock Family Homecoming Reunion was held August 4, 2001 at Fort Klock in St. Johnsville, New York. About 140 people from as far away as Texas and Florida attended. A family photo taken at the reunion can be found on the Fort Klock and Indian Castle Church Web Site.

Some pictures my wife, Darla took at the reunion are in this Newsletter. A list of names who attended are on page five of this newsletter.

The Spot Light

Our family is made up of all kind of interesting people. We have farmers, factory workers, doctors and lawyers, electrician and plumbers, college professors and those who teach the art of music. Every month I will try and put the Spot Light on someone. Everyone has a story, send me that story. If you know someone you would like to Spot Light in this newsletter, send me the information and I will take aim on them…
Ready, Aim, Fire……..

Klock’s in Brazil

Daisy Klock lives in Brazil and is looking for her roots. Daisy was born in Blumenau, (German City) in Santa Catarina in Brazil in 1964. She has been searching records looking for information about her family since she was 10 year old. “Some Historic book about German immigration to Brazil, National Archives and other families genealogy, gave me a trustful sources about Klock family’s immigration to Brazil,” Daisy told me in a recent e-mail. She had heard lots of stories from her family over the years, but like all good researchers she wants things based on facts, not stories.

Daisy has a degree in Philosophy and Modern Languages and usually works as an Administrator. In 1997 she moved to London, England and worked there for a while. Now she is back home in Brazil. Daisy is not married and loves painting as a hobby.

There are a lot of Klock Families in the southern states of Brazil according to Daisy. Her Klock family was one of the German pioneer families that came to Santa Catarina. Her father, Braz Paulo Klock, was bornin 1932 and died in 1997. He was the son of Norberto Klock. Norerto father was Mathias Klock and his father was Mathias Klock, who arrived in Brazil in 1828.

Mathias Klock was married to Maria Zimmerman. Mathias, Maria and their son Mathias arrived in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on a German Ship called Joanna Jokobs or (Joanna Jacobos) from Bremen, Germany.

The trip took about 60 days. After arriving in Brazil they stayed another 60 days waiting for Brazilian Ships, Luiza and Marques De Vianna to take them to Desterro. The first ship arrived in Desterro on November 7, 1828, with 276 immigrants. The second ship arrived on November 12, 1828 with another 359 people, Desterro is now know as Florianopolis City. Daisy is hoping to find the Parents of Mathias Klock and Maria Zimmerman. She would also like to hear from her American Cousins. She does not know if her line connects with Hendrick Klock, but for sure comes from Germany, according to Daisy.
Daisy’s e-mail addressis


Her mailing address is:

Daisy Regina Klock
Rua Aladi S. Bini, No. 118

(Note: Daisy has since moved to England)

Another Klock researcher is Elizabeth Klock, Guimaraes Gajardoni in S’ao Paulo, Brazil. He mother is Gertrude Emilia Klock and is 82 years of age and lives in Gaspar, Santa Catarina. Her grandmother was Catarina Reitz and her Grandfather was Arnoldo Klock. Arnoldo’s father was Johann Klock and Arnoldo’s mother was Anna Zimmerman. Anyone having information on eathe of there tow long lost cousins can e-mail me or contract them directly. Elizabeth can be reached at:

If you would like to hear more about Klock’s from other countries, let me know. I will see what I can find…There are a few Klock families spread out all over the globe..


John Morris Klock

John Morris Klock ( Eugene Nellis Klock, Isaac Klock Jr., Isaac Putnam Klock, John J. Klock Jr., Johannes Klock, Hendrick Klock ) was born in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Oct. 26, 1918. Son of Eugene Nellis Klock and Ethel Irish. Eugene Klock died when John was 4 years old so John does not remember much about him. I had the honor and privilege to meet Jack, as he likes to be called, this August. He need a ride to the Family Reunion because he does not drive anymore and really wanted to go to the Reunion. Jack is almost 83 and lives alone in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor was on my way to the Reunion so my wife and I gave him a ride. We talked a lot on the way to the Reunion and on the way home. I hope everyone at the Reunion got to talk with him. He was the Gentleman dressed in the yellow suit in the front of the picture below.. (note: check the Klock Family Reunion Photo) He told me about when he got married to Margret Post, they spent their honeymoon in the middle of a golf course on a blanket and at that time he had to hitch-hike to get around. He soon got a job as a taxi cab driver. Hew worked his way through College, driving cab and boxing. He got to be a pretty good boxer too, even if he was hit 3500 times in his right eye. He got his masters in Math and began teaching. He was a Professor at Michigan State University in Ann Arbor, Michigan and he also taught in Canada for a few years. Later he gave up teaching to start his own business in Advertising and Publicity.

Jack and his wife, Margaret had three children, John Benjamin, James W. and Eric Putnam Klock. Jack told me I bare a strong resemblance to his son James. I could tell by the way he talked about his children, he was proud of all of them. One works in California in Advertising. One is an ex-policeman turned, Attorney and now lives in Arizona, and his youngest son, Eric lives in Michigan and works for a Bedding Company.

Names of Those Who Attended The Klock Family Homecoming Reunion
August 4, 2001

David & Darla Klock
Michale & Victoria Flanders
Joshua Klock
Nancy Cioch
John Morris Klock
Helene & Sarah Israel
James D. Clark
Diana & Sarah Shibley
Scott D. Clark
Allen & Sarah Shibley
Tom & Dori Klock
Allen & Phyllis Handy
Robert & Mary Agnes Klock
Donald M. Klock
Michele Klock
William M. Klock
Cynthia A. Turo
Bob & Marie Klock Horning
Louis R. Park
Terry Aeduini
John & Sandy Henry
Eric & Nicole Van Hoose
Marjory & Jerry Yelton
Richard Fox
Lester Klock
Albert & Eleanor Hernigle
Harrrison & Marjorie Lee
Ted Klock
Stephen Miller
Adam & Lois Klock
Jerry & Sharon Barendreght
Louise Klock
Roger Klock
Laura Lee & Kristin Hernigle
Dave & Sharon Klock
Raylene Fox Cole
Stanley, Carol, and Stacey Showerman
Jerry & Holly Klock
Ordetta Mae Sharpe Bill & Kate Brust
Judy Marie Sharpe Sitterley
Ray & Carol Klock Dodd
Lori & Bethany Hicks
Dorothy Dodd
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Van Schaic
k Paul & Mary Jane Cavano
Danny & Charlote Klock
Isabelle Flanders
Larry M. Klock
Vicky Ryan
Walter & Jeanne Klock
Howard & Cathy Klock
Stanley & Jean Vainduskas
Betty Fox Belfance
Ken & Barbara Klock VanSchaick
Fred & Roberta Wright
Quona & Augua Hudson
Kathy Flanders Hudson
Howard & Sandy Townsend
Tim & Linda Klock
James & Betty Ford Klock Hernigle
Walter & Frances Klock

These are the people who signed the Guest Book at the Reunion. I will be mailing a copy of this Newslettter to all who signed the book.. If you want me to write a newsletter like this every month let me know by subscribing. I have been asked to put the newsletter on line… I don’t want to do that at this point. Many of our family do not have computers and I feel to many would be left out and I feel it is more personal if I mail it. I do need information for the Newsletter. If you would like to write an article for the Newsletter, please feel free to do so and send it to me. I want to make this Our Klock Family Newsletter. If you have a notice you would me to put in.. please send that to me as well. Dave


Alejandro and Kathy Fuentes would like to announce the birth of a son. Isidoro Wayne Fuentes, born July 23, 2001. 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 19 inches tall. His line: Kathy Fuentes, Carol Dodd, Carl Klock, Jacob Klock, Ira Klock, Isaac Klock, Christian Klock, John J. Klock Jr., Johannes Klock, and Hendrick Klock.

Do you have a wedding, a birth or maybe and anniversary announcement you would like me to print in our newsletter? Send it to me and I will be happy to print it and send it along to the rest of our family. I am also looking for special accomplishments of you or your children, spouse, or your parents. It can be anything. If you would clip articles out of your local newspapers and send them to me. I need your help to make our little newsletter a success.

Dr. Orrin C. Klock

Orrin C. Klock was born in 1859 in St. Lawrence County, New York. His father was Peter Klock of Charlotte, Michigan. Orrin was a well known osteopath in Brier Hill, New York. In his obituary notice he was described as a congenial man who made easily. He was a Free Mason for many years and a member a member of Lansing Comandery; No. 25, Knights Templar, of Lansing, Michigan. He was also a Shriner from Watertown, New York. In addition to his Masonic affiliations he was a member of the Odd Fellows fraternity.

He was working in his office when he began to feel ill on March 13, 1914. His assistant, Dr. J. T. Towner was in the room with Dr. Klock and did what he could to help. Dr. Towner called in another Doctor to assist. Dr. Tucker was just a few minutes away. Dr. Towner also called Mrs. Klock who hastened to his side. The tow doctors worked on Dr. Klock with all the skill and energy at their command but to avail. Dr. Klock was still conscious when his wife arrived. She bend over him and he said, in almost a whisper; Alice, I guess my time has come” and died. Doctor Orrin Klock was 55 years of age.

He is survived by his wife, Alice and two children, George and Laura. He was also survived by his father, Peter Klock, a brother Willard Klock and a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts of Brier Hill, New York.

Thanks to Louis Park for sending me the obituary article on Dr. Orrin Klock

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