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John Nellis Klock Remembered August 2001
Issue Number 1

John Nellis Klock was born in 1865 in Brier Hill, New York. As a young boy he learned never to judge anyone by the way they looked or dressed. Born of poor parents, he had to endure the teasing of other children because of his second hand clothing. John came from a family of five children and even thought they were poor, they never had to go to bed hungry, according to his autobiography of 1933. Out of necessity, John had to go to work at the age of eleven as a type-setter. Driven by his desire to learn and his dreams he became the owner/editor of a daily newspaper. He established The Stockton Harold at the age of 22. He sold the Stockton Harold and moved to Benton Harbor and founded The Evening News and then later The News-Palladium, which is still in business today.

It was about this time he met and married his wife of 43 years, Carrie Belle Eisley. John described his was as “an auburn-haired girl, who possessed personal charms and the ability to use them. “ It was with her encouragement to do something noble with his live that he began a life long career of Church, civic, industrial and business affairs in Benton County Michigan. Never before or since has the city known such a benefactor. As a philanthropist, industrialist and Mayor of Benton Harbor, he was the driving force behind many civic projects, including the Bell Opera House, the YMCA and YWCA, the First Congregational Church in Benton Harbor, Roosevelt Park, the Salvation Army, the Methodist Peace Temple and Mercy Hospital. John Klock believed that, “ there is little joy in piling up money that one does not need.” He made many gifts to the City he loved. On May 7, 1917, the Newspaper Editor and Publisher, John Klock wrote a letter to the Honorable Mayor and Common council of the City of Benton Harbor. In this letter he announced the gift of 90 acres track of lakefront property, by him and his wife. Given in the memory of his infant daughter, Jean, who had died in infancy, “ for the pleasure of the children of this and coming generations.” The council accepted the gift and named it, “Jean Klock Park”. Today the Jean Klock Park is a priceless municipal possession that stretches a half mile along Lake Michigan’ shore.

Upon his death on May 7, 1938, the Mayor Solon Emery issued a proclamation asking that all stores, offices, and other places of business close for one hour the day of the funeral. Hundreds attended to pay respects to a man who life made a difference. More information about John Klock is in the Library in Benton Harbor, along with many newspaper articles are two books that he wrote, one and autobiography, which was written in 1933. The book is in the rare book section of the Library.

The Klock Coat of Arms

The Klock Coat of Arms has a little romantic story behind it. I do not know if it is true or based on any known facts, but I like to think it is true. The Story goes something like this.

Around 1450 a German Monarch had a beautiful daughter who had been kidnapped. The King offered the hand in marriage of his daughter, the Princess du Rohan, to anyone f Who could rescue her and bring her home safely. A commoner by the name of Hendrick Klock rescued the princess and returned her to the Monarch. Hendrick and the Princess fell in love. The King had a problem. He could not let his daughter marry a commoner. The King told Hendrick he could not let his daughter marry a commoner and Hendrick responded with, “ Prends Noi telle que je sois.” Which in French means, Take me as I am.” The Princess said that she loved the commoner named Hendrick Klock, and that she would take him as he was. So the King solved the problem by making Hendrick Klock a Nobleman and he married the Princess and they lived happily ever after.

The Coat of Arms was prepared and that quote was included on the shield on the Klock Coat of Arms.

The Klock Family Newsletter

This is the first issue of The Klock Family Newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I wanted to do this newsletter because up until a few years ago I did not know that I had such a large family. When I first started my family tree all I had was two small pages of information. That was all I knew about my family.

All I knew about my Grandfather was that I loved him very much. He was a great guy.

He died when I was 19. Grandpa never talked about his family. He did tell me one time that he had two brothers and one sister. He had lost tract of them and did not know where they were or if they were still alive. My father never met his Uncles or Aunts. My father died in 1995. He never knew about Fort Klock, or that he had a proud family history. He did not know our ancestors helped build this great nation. After he died I got interested in finding my roots so I started to investigate. After countless hours, my tree is over 30 pages and can be found on the Fort Klock web page. That is just the Klock side. I have over 30 pages on my Grandmothers side as well, and 15 or so on my mothers side of the family. I want my children to know abut there ancestors and their history. By writing this Newsletter, maybe I can help others in our family discover their roots.

2001 Klock Reunion to be held at Fort Klock

A Klock Reunion will be held at Fort Klock

On August 4, 2001. There will be a hog roast with all the fixings. Klocks from all over the country are expected to attend and enjoy a day at the fort. Fort Klock was built in 1750 by Johannes Klock and was used as a safe haven for families up and down the Mohawk River durning the French and Indian War and the Revolution. A pig will be roasted by Piggy Pat’s, a well known Restaurant from Little Falls, NY. Some of the pictures taken at the Reunion will appear in the next newsletter. (should there be one).

Dave Klock from South Haven, Michigan has worked with Joyce Berry, the Web Master of the well know Web Site on the Internet, Fort Klock Historic Restoration and Indian Castle Church, has worked together to organize the event. A meeting is planed to decide if the Klock family wants to attempt another reunion in the future and if they do, to set up a Reunion Committee.

Genealogy Forum

The following are e-mails I have received from people researching there family. If anyone has information that can help them in their research, please let me kow. I will forward the information to them. You can send me a letter or an e-mail at the following address. Dave Klock, 7147 East Beach Drive, South Haven, Michigan 49090. My e-mail address is klock@accn.org

I am working on the Klock side of my family. Do you have a Henry Klock born, Feb. 7, 1779 and died April 14, 1865 in Theresa, NY. Any help would be appreciated.

Gordon Brown

I am doing some research on the family of Charles Klock Nellis and Harriet Richardson. I was wondering if you have any information on this couple and their 10 children. I am interested in any leads you might have.

Regina Nellis


I am researching a Thompson Burton Klock.
What I know for sure is that he had tow sons with Elizabeth Dunckle. The first child was my brother-in-law. He was born Feb. 1938 in Amsterdam, NY. His brother John ( Jack ) was born several years later. My brother-in-law was named after his father, Thompson Burton Klock but knows nothing about him. If you have any information you can give me it would be appreciated.

Thank You,
Karen Niquette
Burlington, Vt.

My nephew, Bill McWilliams forwarded your Klock Genealogy to me. I have found reference to the Klock’s Genealogy in Penn. In the 70’s and had tried to get a reply from some of them but to no avail. Which is understandable. I had made plans to go to Michigan to do some research on my Great Great Grandfather inor around Howard City, Plainfield and Algoma twp. They were there in the 1860’s and had left to go to California. They traveled by stage coach to NY. And then took a boat to Panama and then across the Isthmus on mules and then by ship up the coast and settled in Eureka Ca.

My Grandfather was only 6 years old at the time. But I have been unable to trace the Great Great Grandfather back to where he lived in Mich.

I had no trouble tracing the first one but can’t seem to find much out about the older one.

As a Klock descendent I might ought to go to the Klock Reunion since I will be in the area. I am 75 and in the best of health so I had better get it all done at once as time seem to be flying.

Respectfully Yours
Roy Nichols

Hello Mr. Klock

I realize you have no idea who on earth I am. My aunt, Karne Niquette gave me your Name, since it appears you a relative of mine. My father was Thompson Burton Klock, and I am his Daughter, Danielle. I was always interested in knowing the other side of my family, so I decided to say hello and hopefully get to know you. I hope this finds you well and take care.

Hope to here from you. Danielle. E. Chiruck

Birthdays for the Month of August 2001

Send me the birthdays of your family so I can put them in the Newsletter.
August 2001
2 Crickett Shopshear 18
Ashley Klock 9
3 Sierra Eaves 1
Betty Klock Ford
Melissa Shaw 20
Terrance Miller 54
10 Harry Heron 61
11 Alyson Jessel 16
Summer Dodd 4
12 Evelyn Klock 74
15 Kylee Klock 21
16 Mary Clark 48
18 Arron Slupe 39
Fred Heron 33
19 Caroline Heron 41
22 David Ferstle 30
23 Luella Klein 66
25 Sally Corzine 38
27 William Sanderson 17
Roy Sanderson 52
Donald Sanderson 52
28 Antony Goven 36
29 Keith Stenger 41
30 Ray Dodd 21
31 Randall Foust 42

This is a picture of my Grand Parents, Jacob and Cora Klock, taken on their 50th Wedding anniversary. They were married August 18, 1907 in Belknap, Michigan.

He married Cora J. Ricketts, the daughter of Ira Ricketts and Luclla Simons. Cora was born June 11, 1898 in Hartwick Twp. Michigan. Jacob Klock was born July 11, 1886. He was the son of Ira Klock and Emeline Dolliver. Jacob Klock died June ll,1968 and Cora Klock followed him on May 3, 1969. Jacob and Cora had two children, Carl and Ervin Klock.

Help! Make the Newsletter a success by sending me information you would like to see in print. I am looking for information on births. marriages, anniversaries, special accomplishments of your children, spouse, you or your parents. It can be sporting events or anything. I would also like to have an obituary section in this newsletter. If you would clip articles out of you local newspapers and send them to me I will put them in our Newsletter.

Thank You

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