Klocks buried in National Cemeteries

Beverly National Cemetery, Burlington Co. New Jersey

Dorothy L. Klock, US Army, PFC, Res. Levittown, Pa. b 5/16/1919 died 11/30/1994, Plot: JO 827 bur. 12/2/1994.
Monroe S. Klock, CPL Recon Co. , 644 th tank Dest Bn. b 8/4/1915 died 5/16/1956, Plot: J 826 bur. 5/21/1956

Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton Co., Hampton Co. Virginia

Casper Klock, Pvt. A 40 NY Inf. died 9/29/1868 at National Soldiers Home, Va. buried Plot: 6041
George Klock, Pvt. Co. L, 1st NY Mounted Rifles died 7/02/1920 buried Plot: C 10342 A.

Alexandria National Cemetery, Alexandria City, Virginia

Manning H. Klock d. 3/21/1864 Plot: A O 1575 buried 3/21/1864
Nathan Klock d. 6/18/1862 Plot: A O 55, buried 6/18/1862

Willamette National Cemetery, Multnomah Co., Oregon

Amy S. Klock, US Army, Sp.3 b. 11/18/1916 d. 7/30/1959, buried 8/5/1959 Plot: T O 2737
Bruce Norman Klock, US Army PFC, b. 6/30/1913 d. 5/24/1964, buried 5/27/1964
Monty Ray Klock Jr., US Marine Corps, Pvt, Res: Milwaukie, Or. b. 7/16/1951 d. 10/14/1995 buried
10/18/1995 Plot: Y O 1560

Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver Co. Colorado

Dennis E. Klock, Capt. Colo Ang. USA, b. 10/30/1945 d. 2/18/1979. buried 3/2/1979, Plot P 4263 or 4266.
Philip M. Klock, US Army, Tec. 4. Res: Denver Co. b. 4/23/1915 d. 10/25/1999, buried Plot: 7 0 777.

Bath National Cemetery, Steuben Co., New York

Verna M. Klock, US Coast Guard, YIC US Coast Guard, Res: Canandaigua, NY b. 3/28/1918 d. 2/11/1990
buried 2/15/1990 Plot: O O 499
William H. Klock, Reconstruction Aide, Cpl, Co B. 104th Inf. b. 3/28/1878 d. 12/7/1958 buried 12/11/1958 Plot: K 28 6

Santa Fe National Cemetery, Santa Fe Co., New Mexico

Billie Jean Klock, b. 9/22/1909 d. 8/11/1989 buried 9/29/1989 Plot: X 64
Richard E. Klock, F/O USA b. 12/26/1922 d. 5/11/1977 buried 7/29/1977 Plot: X 64

Houston National Cemetery, Harris Co., Texas

Edwin J Klock, Sr., Sgt. USA b. 5/12/1898 d. 11/13/1970 buried 11/17/1970 Plot: D 332
James Edward Klock, Sgt. USAF b. 6/26/1928 d. 9/14/1968 buried 9/18/1968 Plot: D 1295
Thomas Vincent Klock, 1st Lieutenant, USAF. b 12/05/1925, d 04/30/2002, buried 09/13/2002, Section M1, Grave 745.

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, Bexar Co. Texas

Harley R. Klock, Pvt. D 7th Reg. US Inf. d. 7/30/1941 buried 8/2/1941 Plot F 140

Philadelphia National Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Harry F. Klock, Sgt. Co. B, 33 Inf. d. 1/23/1941 buried 1/30/1941 Plot: 389

New Albany National Cemetery, Floyd Co. Indiana

O.W. Klock, Pvt. Co. H, 8 Pa La, d. 5/5/1864 buried Plot: 910

Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles Co., California

Arthur George Klock, Pvt. Co. C. 316th Fld. Sig. Bn. d. 7/31/1942 buried 8/4/1942 Plot: 84 1row H

Fort Rosecrams National Cemetery, San Diego Co. California

John Lee Klock, Pvt. B 70 Kans Inf. 10th. d. 8/27/1941 buried 9/1/1941 Plot: D 215

Cypress Hill National Cemetery, Kings Co. New York

George Hiram Klock, Phar. USN d. 12/28/1928, buried Plot: OS 169

Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside Co. California

Donald Charles Klock, US Army, Pfc. Res: Buena Park, Ca. b. 7/22/1923 d. 2/11/1995 buried 11/24/1995
Plot: 1A 0 172

Nashville National Cemetery, Davidson Co. Tenn.

Michael Klock, Pvt. Co B, 9 Minn. Inf. d. 12/29/1864 buried Plot: H 9230

Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Mateo Co., California

Frank G. Klock, Pvt. Hq. Det., Cp Funston, Ks, b. 12/25/1898 d. 2/28/1953 buried 3/6/1953 Plot: R 869

Florida National Cemetery, Sumter Co., Florida

Carleton Robert Klock, US Army, Tec 5, Res: Hernando, Fl., b. 3/23/1916 d. 3/18/1996 buried 4/10/1996 Plot: 313 O 274

Buried in Newton Cemetery:

Unknown Klock, no first name, Section A. Lot 123

Tuscola Cemetery:

There is a Lavinal Klock d. 1892. She is buried with the Case or Chase family. I think her husband was George Case. d. 1889. Now this may have been first husband and she married a Klock after her first husband died and she was buried with first husband.

There is a Burt Klock and Leon Klock buried in Tuscola Cemetery in Tuscola, Mich.

There is a George Klock b. 1827 in New York and died 2-14-1900 who married Minnie Schanant on June 20, 1894. Minnie was 37 and George was 67. George's father was Jocob Klock and his Mother was Nancy Cypher.

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