Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings
Watertown Daily Times
Watertown, New York.
15 Apr 1922

Man, 70, Takes A Bride Of 66

Retired Stone Mills Farmer and Local Woman Wed

George Edward Sanford, prosperous retired farmer of Stone Mills, who has lived his allotted three score and ten years, but who is still hale and hearty, was married this afternoon at 2:30 to Mrs. Martha J Reese of 517 Lamon street. Rev JJ Hoffman of Hope Presbyterian Church at the manse performed the ceremony. They were attended by Mr and Mrs.C Klock of 664 West Main street, son and daughter- in- law of the bridegroom.

In securing the marriage license this morning, Mr. Sanford gave his age as 70 years, while his bride said she was four years his junior. They will go on a short wedding trip and thereafter make their home at Stone Mills. This is the second marriage for both, each having lost their first mate by death.

Charles E Klock
Transcribed from an unknown newspaper clipping

Charles E Klock, (Martin Klock, Levi Klock, Jacob Adam Klock, Adam Klock, Adam Johannes Klock, Adam Klock, Jacob Klock, Hendrick Klock)
Man Badly Hurt, Falls From Tree

Condition At Hospital Declared Critical

Charles E Klock, 52, Theresa

Grocery and Meat Merchant Falls Nearly 30 Feet, Striking on His Head- Suffers Fractured Skull.

Charles E Klock, 52, Theresa grocery and meat merchant, is in a critical condition in the House of the Good Samaritan with a severe fracture of the skull and other injuries sustained Friday night when he fell from 25 to 30 feet from a tree, striking his head on some rocks when he landed.

X-ray pictures were to be taken today to determine to full extent of his injuries. Besides the skull fracture, he suffered a scalp wound, possible fractures of both arms at the wrist, an injury to the left leg, lacerations about the head, face and shoulders and bruises. He was cut above and below the right eye.

With three other men, Mr. Klock, a butcher, was slaughtering a cow for his general store and meat market in Theresa. The accident happened on the Chester Bauter farm in the town of Theresa, located on a country road off the LaFargeville road about eight miles from Theresa.

The men with him were his son, Clarence L Klock; his brother- in- law, Varney Bartlett, employed on C. E. Klock’s farm near Theresa, and John Dickhaut, tenant on the Bauter farm.

Mr. Klock had climbed up the tall tree to fasten some chain tackles by which the cow’s carcass is held up while it is being dressed. The tree is located near a fence. Whether he lost his footing or the limb onto which he had climbed snapped is not definitely known.

In the plunge to the ground, his head struck some rocks and cobblestones scattered about the ground near the tree and he was knocked unconscious.

The injured man was placed in his own truck at the scene of the accident and hurried to the office of Dr. Peter F Birkel in Theresa. Upon the physician’s advice, he was brought to the hospital.

Mr Klock began to regain consciousness before he left Theresa. At the hospital, where he was received at 10:25 pm, he was attended by Dr HN Cooper.

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