Letter # 9
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Fort Edward Feb. 3rd

Friend Charley,

I received your letter in find time and was very glad to hear from you. You said that you had became a village chap and could not attend their dances and singing school but by what I hear you are going in for a girl at Little Falls but never mind who has a better right. She is a nice girl. I am somewhat acquainted with her you see. I once was in a hop Yard where she picked hops but never mind you are all right there. I am well acquainted with Fred Kingsbury he is a good boy. I told him what you said he took your address and said he would write to you. I was over to Dr. Tappans one week ago today and he had a good sleigh ride and more such things, but the snow is all gone here now and it is very cold today. I have not been at church yet and grief's I will not go today. I received a letter from Marvine the other day he give me some news from the Bush and vicinity. There you do not to school this winter at all. I have commenced the Commercial course here the middle of the term and expect to finish it next term if nothing happens. The thing goes about as normal here they make us study very hard but that is for our own interest the board is very good we do not get such as George D. said they had at Clinton, I suppose he is going for Ella now again the same as usual. I am not much acquainted with the young ladies here but I do know there is some fast ones here. I have been very steady since I left home for I can tell you if a fellow wants to go in array like this it takes (unreadable) and I don't believe in spending my money for a little flirtation. It is not what it is cracked up to be. As I can think of no more at present that will interest you I will draw to a close by saying take good care of that girl of yours and see that her wants are all supplied. Write soon and give me all the news. Give my best respect to all inquiring friends and take good care of yourself.

Yours truly, Steward

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