Letter to Iantha Klock

This letter was written by cousin Hattie to Iantha Klock. It was written Sunday morning October 14 and the postmarked is unreadable. My guess would be 1882 or 83. I will type this one. It was lightly written in pencil and did not scan well. Dave Klock

Locust Grove Oct. 14th
Sunday morn

Darling Cousin

Why don't you come & see me? If you knew how much I wanted you, you would be down on the first train. I am so weak today I cant hardly move have a very bad cough, I coughed this morning for half an hour till the sweat rolled off of me, have been trying some time to write to you but we have had company all the time till the past week. I have been doing some pickle fixing & between that & coughing my time has been pretty well taken up. I was so disappointed not seeing Maggie to Eva's. I should like to see her, don't you she' could stand it to come down' they say the cars on the new road ride very easy I don't believe it would hurt her to come. I suppose you know that the Davy's & Jane Millers were down last week. What a big girl Minnie has got to be. Kate is in Canada visiting it will be two weeks Tuesday that she went. I don't know if she will will stay longer then this month or not. Maria has been here & stayed a week. It will be two weeks tomorrow she started for home. Have you see any of Uncle Simmons lately, I have heard from them Libbie was here last winter. I presume if you come down this winter Charles will be with you. I think it's your duty to come now & make me a long visit before your married. I am ashamed to send you such a short letter as I do, but it seems as if I couldn't help it.


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