Letter #11

Letter to Miss Iantha Klock
Written Dec. 20, 1882
Postmarked Dec. 21 Amsterdam, N.Y.

This letter, written by Cousin Hattie was written in pencil and is hard to read after scanned so I will type it for you.

Locust Grove, Dec. 20, 82
Wed. eve

My Dear Cousin,

What in the world is the matter that you don't write to me anymore? It that fellow of yours is the cause of your not writing. I will tend to him the first chance I get. He needn't think he is going to boss you round, I won't stand it. I have looked for a letter from you till I am tired of looking. Ma said today she guessed Iantha wasent going to write anymore. I can't bear to think your going to stop writing.
All are as well as usual except Ma, she has a very bad cold. I am about as I always am in winter. I have a game finger or two always on hand.
We have had quite a spell of winter weather, every body said it could not winter in with out rain. It is pretty dry times for some of the farmers, some have to draw water a good ways. We have had enough so far, but we don't brag, for water gives out now that was never known to before.
I met Mrs. Simon Border in the village a short time ago. She was in to the milliner shop getting her daughter a hat , a grown up daughter gives her a pretty good start. I saw Johny Christman riding through the streets, and cutting swell.
Our folks are furnishing one of the mild peddlers with milk so they will have to milk all winter, they have been buying fresh milk cows and expect to buy more.
I hope that fellow isn't a going to keep you from coming down this winter. I shall begin to look for you after N'Years, I should feel very much hurt and disappointed if you didn't come. Emery has been looking for Irvy this long time. Tell Mary I haven't forgot her promise to visit us. Emery & Kate don't expect to come up that way this winter. Give my love to all. Hoping to hear from you very soon. I will bid you goodnight.

Yours Lovingly,

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