Letter #10

This letter was written by Cousin Harriet to Mrs. C.M. Zoller and is postmarked Nov 9, 1887. Harriet filled in all the blank area on this paper by turning her paper upside down, and by writing in the margins making her letter hard to follow. It order for you to read the letter without turning your computer upside down and sideways, I will type the letter for you. Dave

Port Jackson, Nov. 18
My Dearest Cousin,

It is a shame I have neglected you so long, but you know how when a person is sick, they keep putting of things for a feel better time which don't seem to come for me anymore. I made up my mind I would write to you today if I did not write more then a line at a time. What set me going is this, I saw in the Fort Plain Free Press that came this morning, that thought you had the erysipelas in your hand. I hope it is not so, it would make it so bad for you with your baby. how does the little John I. (or J) get along? who does he look like? Have you named him?
How is your mother getting along? we are real anxious to know. Ma was up Uncle Henry's & Hirams five or six weeks ago, as she did not get up your way she thought of going again to se your mother and Aunt Betsy but she is not very well herself & I have been worse than usual, so she did not get started, she won't be likely to come now as it is the time of the year to look for cold weather, and she can't stand the cold. There has been a good deal of sickness round her this fall, it seems strange that it should be so, as the weather has been so pleasant. Mr. McChumpha (our nearest neighbor) died a few weeks ago, he was sick only a few days had pneumonia. Mrs. Mc and one boy are all that is left of that family he is only fifteen, which leaves all the care for her, her sister & husband stay with her this winter. Ella B. was here to spend the day with us last week how she does dress, she has a new dress on every time she comes, they are not cheap goods either, things are going to suit her now, her folks have hired out their farm & will move to the City in the spring. I presume Emmet told you about Maria & her children being here, they stayed a week, are going to stop here a couple of days on their way home, expect her about the first of Dec. they have bought a place in N. Jersey 8 miles for N.Y.
Walter is not very well he has a bad cold, & his stomach & bowels are bad, it don't seem as if he was cutting teeth now he has 16. Kate weaned him in Oct. she went by the signs, don't see what good that done, he talks about it yet, they told her if the sign was right he would forget it so quick.
If you don't write very soon I shall think you are very bad off I will worry about you till I hear from you, can't you get someone to write, spose its no use asking you to come down.
Your loving cousin.

(Also in the margin) Kate wants to know how you dry citron.

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