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I recently purchased a large Old Family Bible on E-Bay that belonged to Augustus Klock. Augustus Klock was born January 20, 1827 and died March 17, 1914. He married Lany A. Fox, March 8, 1848. She was born August 22, 1825 and died January 31, 1908. They had five children, Wallace, Emma, Eugene, Ella and Walter.

“In his youth, Augustus Klock was bound out, as was the custom those days, to work for Peter Fox until he was twenty one years of age. At the expiration of his time he married the daughter of his employer and began farming for himself, and later occupied the farm of his father-in-law, Peter Fox, who settled there in 1788, and who was a native of Montgomery County, NY. Augustus died Mar. 17, 1914. Resided in the town of Schuyler, Herkimer Co. NY.,” according to the Sherman O. Klock Genealogy.

The Bible somehow ended up in Battle Creek, Michigan and on E-Bay. The bible contains several old family pictures as well as dates of birth and marriages and deaths. The Bible was published in Philadelphia by the Quaker City Publishing Company in 1872.

I have the line of Augustus Klock as follows:
Augustas Klock (John Klock, who married Elizabeth Lackey, Jacob I. Klock, who married Anna Devendorf, John J. Klock who married Catherine Foltz, Johannes J. Klock who married Ann Margaretha Fox, and Hendrick Klock.)

The following is the information contained in the Bible:


Augustus Klock of East Schuyler, New York and Lany Ann Fox of East Schuyler, New York were married March 8, 1848 by Harris Lewis. Witnesses were Louisa Rose and Owen Owens.

Eugene Klock & Miss Lynda Campbell – July 16, 1872
Adelbert Sterling & Miss Ella Klock – October 3, 1883
Walter Klock & Minnie Wilber – May 8, 1883


Augustus Klock – January 20, 1827
Lany Ann Fox – August 22, 1825
Wallace A. Klock – April 17, 1845
Emma L. Klock – July 1, 1850
Eugene Klock – October 25, 1852
Ella Klock – September 14, 1863
Walter Klock – July 20, 1871


Wallace A. Klock – August 30, 1850
Emma L. Klock – July 25, 1867
Eugene Klock – April 11, 1892
Lany Ann Klock – January 31, 1908
Ella Klock Sterling – November 23, 1908
Augustus Klock – March 17, 1914
Walter Klock – April 2, 1942

There are no names of the people on the back of the pictures. If you know who they are, please let me know. E-mail klock@swmcom.net

#1 Augustus Klock?

#2 Lany Ann Fox Klock?

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