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Dear Dave Klock

My name is Arthur Jenkins and I live in Oaklyn, N.J. Oaklyn is a small town near Philly. I am the Grandson of Arthur Wiles who lived and died in the town of Ft. Plain about the year 1928. His father was George Wiles and his father was Rufus Wiles all of Ft. Plain. My mother was Georgia Wiles who was born in Ft. Plain Hospital in 1922 and lived in the Ft. Plain area. I did not find out about our relationship to the Wiles family until recently. I see from your web page that the Klock Family is a very prominent family and has a long history in the area. I was wondering if you could help me acquire some knowledge of my family. We are very new at this and have just now starting looking into our family background. Any help or insight you may give in this search, we would appreciate. Thanks in advance, Arthur Jenkins.

Note: If you know anything about the Wiles family that lived in the Ft. Plain area, Arthur can be reached at: ART.JENKINS@COMCAST.NET

Dear Arthur,

I was born and raised in Michigan. My family did come from the Mohawk Valley and I have been to the town of Ft. Plain several times, visiting new family members that I have found and researching my family. I know nothing about the Wiles Family. I checked my tree and I do have a few Wiles and even a Jenkins or two. But they just married into the Klock Family and I have no other information on the families themselves. . Maybe I can help by posting your e-mail on my web page and see if someone who lives in the valley can help. With your permission, I will post the above e-mail on my web page. I would also suggest you post your questions on the Wiles and Jenkins message board on Ancestry.com. You can also type in the name “Arthur Wiles” “Rufus Wiles” “George Wiles” in your browser and check out what comes up. Most the time this will bring up family tree’s that have the names you are looking for in them.

Good Luck in your quest. Dave

Hi Dave,

This is what I'm not finding - the connection of these names, I was sent some info that they are connected, but can't find it.

Winifred Klock (Ferguson) my grandmother (b. 1888, WI)
Henry Vincent Klock - my gggrandfather (b. 1844, NY)
Jacob H Klock -- his father and mother Martha (b. 1815, NY)
Siblings of Henry -- Martha A?, Mary A, Charles, and Adelia I think all the children were born in Theresa, Jefferson County NY.

Info said that Jacob H's father/mother Henry and Nancy (Riemensnyder) Klock, Henry's parents Adam and Caty (Seeber) Klock, Adam's parents Col. Jacob and Elizabeth (Bellinger) Klock, etc. I cannot find a Henry that is the son of Adam Klock.

Also info said that said Delilah Klock that married Ephraim House and are buried in Theresa, NY is a sister to Jacob H.

Any help you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Winnie Goette

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In the 1850 Census from Theresa, Jefferson Cty, NY I have this: I don't know why, this is my Henry Klock family, but for some reason they are spelling it Clock. The Martha Clock even married a Adam Klock in Theresa, Jefferson Cty.

Clock, Jacob H 32 m Farmer NY
Clock, Martha 29 f MA
Clock, Martha A 8 f NY
Clock, Mary A 8 f NY
Clock, Henry V 7 m NY

I don't know the deal with the Martha A and Mary A, and I think that Henry's should have been 7 years, not months. I know that they had another daughter, born either 1850 or 51. Her name is Adelia, and she married Rev. Robert John Peeples in WI.

They moved to WI, not sure at what point, around 1864 or so. Most of them were from around Bloom City, Richland County. I have most of the death announcements and some pics of the tombstone of alot of them. If you would like some of these, please let me know.

Henry Vincent Klock served in the Civil War, he enlisted twice. I know there was some contraversy over the fact that he was called a deserter. I have his military papers and it looks as though he had cleared his name. He was receiving a pension at the time of his death. He was living in MN at the time of his death and brought back to WI to be buried.

Some of his children had moved to MN. My grandma and grandpa moved to Austin, MN when my father was very young. Some of Grandmas sisters also moved here and some of her mothers family moved out here also.

I better get to work, hope this helps. I will look more up this weekend and see what else I have for you.


March 1, 2004

Dear David Klock,

I've been studying your tree. Of note to me are the people below. I am curious about Isaac H. Keller. Do you think that the same Isaac H. Keller shown on the census as living in 1830 Little Falls, Herkimer Co, NY next to a man named Jacob Keller is the same Isaac H. Keller in your tree?

We are direct descendents of Jacob Keller...the neighbor to a Isaac H. Keller shown on 1830 census. We've traced the censuses back to 1790 (LIttle Falls, Herk 1830; Little Falls, Herk 1820; German Flatts, Herk 1810; Herk, Herk 1800; Herk, Mont. 1790). The starting there was one household of Henry Keller 2-2-4. Two males over 16, two males under 16, and four females.

Later, the one household turned into two...Jacob and Henry until shortly after 1810. We always felt that Henry was Jacob's father. Then in 1830, we see the name Isaac H. living next to Jacob there as a young man. We're thinking that maybe Isaac H. is a nephew or maybe even a brother to our Jacob.

If you know of anything more about Isaac H. in your tree, would you tell us?

1.Henry b. about 1745-1755 m. ? died about 1810 (pure speculation)
2.Jacob b. about 1770 m. ? died after 1830 (pure speculation)
3.John b. approx 1800 m. Catherina Casler in 1823 German Flats RPD Church, lived Oriskany 1835-1840, migrated Wis 1840-1850, died Wis after 1860
a. James H. Keller(ar) b. 1829 GF RPD Church died Wis after 1880
b. Michael Keller b. 1824 GF RPD Church died Wis
3. Isaac J. Keller b. 1826 GF RPD Church m. Ann E. Greeley in Wis. died Civil War Wis

62. BARBARA ELISABETH4 KLOCK (HENRICK JOHANNES3, JOHANNES I.2, HENDRICK1) was born February 10, 1788 in German Flats, New York, and died July 08, 1850. She married (1) BENJAMIN STAHRING. He was born May 08, 1791 in St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co., New York, and died January 04, 1870. She married (2) HENRICK KELLER March 13, 1804 in At the home of Peter F. Billinger, Herkimer County, New York. He died July 08, 1810 in Manheim, New York.
vii. ELIZABETH5 KELLER, b. January 09, 1805, Manheim, Herkimer Co., New York.
viii. ISAAC HENRY KELLER, b. October 10, 1807, Manheim, Herkimer Co., New York; m. ELISABETH CASLER.
ix. MATTHEW KELLER, b. May 15, 1809, Manheim, Herkimer Co., New York; m. KATY ZIMMERMAN.
59. MARGARETHA4 KLOCK (HENRICK JOHANNES3, JOHANNES I.2, HENDRICK1) was born Abt. 1783 in German Flats, Herkimer County, New York, and died Bef. 1850. She married FREDERICK CASLER Abt. 1800 in German Flats Church, Montgomery Co., New York, son of JOHN CASLER and ELIZABETH MILLER. He was born Abt. 1779 in Tyron County, New York, and died October 19, 1849.

Frederick Casler was the son of John Jacob Casler and Elizabeth Miller, and a grandson of John Jacob Casler, the original patentee of Lot 45 near Rankins Lock abt. two miles above Little Falls on the Mohawk River. Frederick and Margaret lived in the Casler homestead.
( Jackie Zimmer Family Tree )
i. ABRAHAM5 CASLER, b. March 27, 1801, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York; d. 1871; m. EVE BILLINGER.
ii. ELIZABETH CASLER, b. September 08, 1803, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York; d. September 14, 1875; m. ISAAC KELLER.
iii. ISAAC CASLER, b. 1805, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York; m. MISS PERRY.
iv. CATHARINE CASLER, b. 1807, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York; m. HARRIS.
v. HENRY CASLER, b. 1809, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York; d. March 14, 1871; m. MARY HELMER.
vi. MARY CASLER, b. 1811, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York; m. MICHAEL MINGALL.
vii. DELIA CASLER, b. January 29, 1818; m. KING.
147. viii. JACOB F. CASLER, b. July 23, 1820, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York; d. May 18, 1893, Millers Falls, New York.
Barbara and Margretha were sisters. Barbara had a son named Isaac H and Margretha had a daughter named Elizabeth. The kids were 1st cousins and got married.

If you have answers to her questions. You may e-mail her at:



Feb. 29, 2004

Dave.....I have been browsing the census images looking for clues to connect the WALRATH clan together. It has been my belief, as well as others, that all the Walraths (and many other spelling variations) are related to 1710 Palatine emigrants Gerhardt and Heinrich Conrad. As you know there were many Walrath/Klock connections. I enjoy reading your Klock Connections and have one possible suggestion for future consideration: the inclusion of a query column. I don't know if you get many questions regarding the Klock family that you are not able to answer...the same goes with myself and the Walraths..but you may have readers that do have the 'connection' that would help. With that in mind I would like to send you a transcription of the census info. from the 1850 Census for NY, Montgomery Co., St. Johnsville that includes Walrath, Klock, and Helligas families close together in the same area. Mathew Walrath is a son of William and Margareta (Irving (Ervin)) Walrath, gs of Johannes and Elisabeth (Etz) Walrath, ggs of Johan Adolf and Anna Dorothea (Hess) Walrath, and gggs of Heinrich Conrad and Christina (Mattheus) Wallrad. I would like to find the connection to the Klock families listed on this page of the census, and the line that John G. Klock and George G.J.(or I) Klock connect to. The Peter P. Walrath that md. Evaline Klock was a son of Peter H. and Anna Eva Helligas Walrath...my line from Peter P.'s brother William P. Anna Eva Helligas was the sister of Conrad Hilligas who md. 1st Anna Eva Walrath (d/o Johan Adolf and Anna Dorothea (Hess) Walrath; 2nd Sophia Klock (a sister of Evaline Klock who md. Peter P. Walrath). Evaline and Sophia were d/o George G. and Catharine (Bellinger) Klock. Here is the census info:

1850 Census NY Montgomery St. Johnsville p.24

168-178 George G. J. Klock 60 M b.NY
Margrit ... 62 F ...

___-179 Mathew Walradt 32 M farmer ...
Sarah ... 28 F ...
Artemesia ... 11 F ...
Harriet V. ... 9 F ...
George W. ... 6 M ...
Mary J. ... 4 F ...
Leonora ... 6/12 F ...
Marg. A. ... 13 F ...

169-180 John G. Klock 61 M farmer ...
Gertrude ... 54 F ...
Gertrude ... 23 F ...
Fidelia ... 16 F ...

170-181 Areli Klock 28 M farmer ...
Mary ... 21 F ...
No name ... 3/12 F ...

171-182 George Helligas 55 M farmer ...
Elizabeth ... 58 F ...
David ... 19 M ... ...
George H. ... 15 M ... ...
Daniel Jeff_ 55 M farmer ...

172-183 Elizabeth ... 42 F ...
Daniel D. ... 24 M ... ...
Caroline ... 23 F ...
Obediah ... 16 M ... ...
Hesther ... 14 F ...

It appears that the Mathew Walrath family is living in the same household with that of George G.J (or I) Klock. It is possible that Sarah (also shown as Sally in later census) was a Klock.


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