Miss. Catherine F. Klock
Watertown Daily Times
Jefferson County, N. Y.
June 4, 1974

Miss Catherine F. Klock, (Fred G. Klock, Morgan Klock, Stephen Klock, George G.I. Klock, George I. Klock, Johannes Klock, Henrich Jr. Klock, Hendrick Klock)

City Native Dead at 76

Miss Catherine F. Klock, 76, a native of Watertown, died Sunday at Kendal at Longwood, a retirement community outside of Kennett Square, Pa.

The funeral will be Wednesday at 11 at Kendall at Longwood.

Contributions may be made to the Diabetic Society.

Miss. Klock is survived by a sister, Mrs. Bernice Eunice, Turrill, Pa.
She was born in Watertown, Sept. 12, 1897, the daughter of Frederick Becker Klock. She lived in New York City, working as an interior decorator until her retirement. In 1929, she redecorated the Anson R. Flower Mansion for its new owner, the late Mrs. George E. Cox. The mansion presently houses the Cleveland-Spink Funeral Home.


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