Family Report of Amos and Sarah Klock

This is a must read. It is a very interesting story about the family of Amos and Sarah Klock and their descendants. I do not know if this family is related to the Hendrick Klock Family. If anyone has any information on the parent or the line of Amos Klock, please let me know. Jay Klock who lives in Burlington, Ia. sent me this family report. He is looking for information about his family. If you know anything about this family, you can e-mail me and I will let Jay know. Maybe you can help Jay fill in the blanks on his line. Thank you and enjoy reading this Klock Family Report.

Dave Klock

Walter “Soap” Klock wrote the following.
Date written: 1959

Amos Klock --- Sarah Ann Jordan

Elmer Loyal Klock, son of Amos, noted in his writing that his dad was born November 30, 1837 in Bavaria and was the son of John Klock and __________Felix Klock. His parents were born in Germany. Lorena May, a daughter, wrote: “Dear Walter: The first residence of the Klock family in this country was in Shamokin, Pa. (date unknown), the home of Dad’s parents. I never saw any of Dad’s people except half-brothers who visited us in Emporium when I was seven years old (1881). They brought my sister, Jennie and me a wonderful set of dishes of which we were very proud. They were the children of a second marriage- named Levan or Lewon. As for the forein residence, I know nothing of where father’s people lived before coming to Southern Pennsylvania other than Dad’s people were originally from Germany. They spoke only German among themselves and Dad said they were originally Dutch (Holland). “The only other member of the family was a daughter whose name was Lynn – or a similar pronunciation.”

This is as far back as this writer can chronicle at this time (1972) and hopefully will check ship lists at New York and Philadelphia for possible leads during the coming year.

From what I have gathered I can only assume Amos came into Elk County sometime in the mid 1850’s and judging form his occupation as a laborer-carpenter he was following either the extensive lumber operations along the Sinnamahoning River or was employed by the Philadelphia and Erie railroads crews which were pushing westward through what is at Present Cameron County. The railroad gave many foreign born employment on the track work.

Sometime prior to 1859 Amos settled in or near Gibson Township in eastern what is now Cameron County, a township boasting 50 families of 332 persons, 34 farms and seven industries, the latter engaged in lumbering operations. There he courted Sarah Ann Jordan, a daughter of the pioneer Cameron County family, and the couple were married sometime in 1859 possibly in the brides’ home, other than a Bible notation no records can be found.

Sarah Ann was born on the Jordan homestead and in a log cabin September 2, 1840, at what is present is Huntley, Pa. She was their second child born to Peter Jordan (1810- 1863) and Mary Barr Jordan (1816-1901)

Sarah Ann and Amos made a handsome couple. A relative Albert Jordan (84 years old in 1959) describes them; “Amos was about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighted about 180 lbs. He had heavy black hair, very curly, and a white mustache. He wore a derby hat and always on the side of his head. We would tell him to wear it straight, but when he went out the gate up would go his hand and the hat would tilt.” Sarah Ann was as tall as Amos, was stately woman and on the stout side. She was handsome with blue eyes and brown, near black hair which she braided and which was long enough for her to sit on. Her people were Methodists, but she and Amos were Presbyterians.” (I have her picture, ed note:).

The couple lived in Huntley the first year of their married life and their first child was born there. Shortly after they moved to Clarks Corner, Eulalia Township, Potter County. Pa. The tiny settlement at that time was located near Coudersport, Pa., and was a lumber camp with a gristmill, a shingle mill and general stores. It was also noted for farm products and apple growing. The couple lived there about five years during which time their second child-Elmer Loyal-was born.

Records are scarce for this period of Cameron County and Potter history, but the Cameron County Gibson Township records show Amos and Sarah Ann were living in Huntley in August 1863. The Septennial Census lists Amos Clock aged 26 and owning one cow. Sarah Ann was not on the rolls. The assessment book of Amos Fenton, grandfather of Mrs. Alvin Fenton Klock, for this year shows the settlers of the Township taxed for 10 carriages, 75 gold and 21 silver watches. Amos was among the gold watch owners.

The years 1867-73 saw a series of fires in this county, which destroyed many records in the courthouse, the Sterling Run school and church and in other sections making it difficult to trace the family. However the birthdates of the children show the family in either Gibson of of Shippen Townships during the years. In 1874-76 Amos appears on the Military Roll (a census of men 21 to 45). And on the Emporium Borough tax roll as a laborer.

Amos and Sarah Ann became property owners in Emporium March 13, 1881 buying lot number 17 on Portage Street and on December 9 of the same year purchasing lot number 18 from landowner Nathan Worley. This transaction provided the only handwriting of Amos, which appears on a note signed by him in favor of J.W. Tweed December 27, 1882. The “s” in Amos is written “z” and the K in Klock is written “SK”.

On the former lot Amos and son Elmer build a two story double boarded home of eight rooms and dug a deep well to the rear of the home. The house was torn down about 1970, and I was fortunate in taking photos of it before wrecking. The tax duplicate for this year shows the couple owning one cow ($12) and one organ ($25). This year Amos was elected to the Emporium Borough Council.

Again Albert Jordan remembers: “ We were gong on the train to Buffalo and got as far as Emporium when flood waters washed out the bridge. We stayed a few days with Uncle Amos. He worked as a car inspector on the railroad nights and slept days so we had to be quiet. But nights Aunt Sarah would let us stay up and have “sings”. “ I never heard Amos or Sarah play the organ, but they saw to it that their children had a musical education. Later years showed the children not only played for their own pleasure but several taught music”. The couple lived in their Portage Street home for the next five years, Amos working for the railroad and as a painter and carpenter. Both he and son Elmer were excellent wood workers and cabinetmakers. Elmer often appears on the tax duplicates as a painter, while Amos with his railroad affiliation was the first of three generations of Klock “highballers” Amos, Loyal, Elmer, Karl, and Alvin.

Then suddenly in 1866 or 1886, Amos decided to move south. I could not explain this to my own mind in that everything here was apparently going so well, and I have learned for the elders that Sarah Ann was against the moving. It wasn’t until then years ago in reading T.T. Lloyd’s “See-This is Old” scripts in the Press-Independent of Emporium that I came across a thumb-nail sketch of Amos which outlined him as a pioneer and a builder and a forever mover. And in another paper a letter in the form of an as read: From Gretter and Shafer, formerly of Emporium: “ any of our readers desiring to invest in southern land of over 300 farms, containing from 10 to 50,000 acres each and ranging in price from $2 to $50 per acre. Should you desire to visit the farms half the train fare will be paid.”

Amos and Sarah Ann sold their property and moved to Henderson, North Carolina, taking the three youngest children: Virginia, Lorene and Irving. Ora (16) was with her older sister, Ida Luclla; Grace (18) was married and Arthur (21) was working in Punxsutawney, Pa. with the railroad. Ora followed the family to North Carolina in the spring of 1887 and was married there.

The change was short lived and after a period of cotton and other farming the family returned to Buffalo, NY. about 1890. In 1893, according to a letter from Mrs. Cora Fuller, a granddaughter: “Grandfather Amos wanted to return to North Carolina and persuaded the family, excepting Jen, to go. The family moved to Henderson, (on the Oxford Load) settled there and raised tobacco and cotton.”

“Five years later, March 16, 1898 Grandmother Sarah Ann passed away. A sorrowed family returned to body to Cameron County where she was interred in the Klock family plot in Newton Cemetery at Emporium.”

“Grandfather Amos then returned with the King family to Berkeley, Virginia and Hampton, Va., (May 26, 1909, a resident of the latter city), until about 1905 when he moved to Buffalo, NY. to live with his daughter Grace Darling. He passed away at her home at 20 Teresa Place, May 12, 1908 of a heart condition. His body was returned to Emporium May 14 and buried beside his wife”

During their thirty –nine years of happily married life, nine children were born, five daughters and four sons, and all with the exception of Elmer Loyal, born in Cameron County, Pa.


Herewith follows the genealogy of the children born to Amos and Sarah Ann Klock

Ida LuElla, eldest child of Amos – Sarah Ann was born in Huntley, Pa., February 7. 1860. She was educated in schools of this county and also received a musical education which she shared with her love of books and the making of fine lace and embroidery work. She married John byron Eccles at Emporium, Pa., April 12, 1877. He was the sone of John and Sarah_________ Eccles of Campbelltown, N.Y., and was born _______. He died May 5, 1888 at buffalo and is interred at Campbelltown,

Two Children were born to the couple: (1) Cora LuElla born at Emporium, Pa., February 28, 1878 and (2) John Amos at Hendreson, N.C.

(1) Cora LuElla was educated in Buffalo, N.Y., and married Edward Nathaniel Fuller, son of Gordon and Susan J. Parker Fuller of Charlestown, S.C., December 1, 1898 at Hampton, Va., Edward was born January 11, 1871 at Charlestown and died May 15, 1947 at Lake City, Fla., at which place he is interred in the Presbyterian Cemetery.

Four children were born to this union:
I. Alwyn E., June 23, 1900 at Berkley, Va. Married Francis Kabler April 18, 1936 at Lynchburg, Va. She was born __________ at _________, the daughter of _____________ and _____________ Kabler.

II. Rutledge P., July 21, 1914 at Norfolk, Va., who was lost in the Pacific theater April, 30, 1942 with nine other. No trace was found of plane or crew.

III. Edward N., Jr., October 30, 1916 at _____________ married Mary Smith March 27, 1937 at Lynchburg, Va., She was born ________ at ________, daughter of ____________ and __________ Smith.

IV. Margaret E., May 12, 1919 at Norfolk, Va., married Logan M. Ives Jr., October 28, 1945. at Norfolk. He was born ____________ at __________, the son of _________ and __________ Ives.

(2) John Amos Eccles born in Henderson, N.C., July 11, 1888, since early school days has gone by the name of John Benjamin. He married Reta Louise Pratt, born January 30, 1893 at Chicago, Ill., the daughter of Richard Bell and Minnie Belle Jones Pratt on January 10, 1912 at Chicago.

They had three children:
I. Louise Margaret, born November 4, 1912 at Chicago, married Theo Gatchell April 13, 1956, at __________. He was born ____________ at _____________ the son of ______________ and ____________ Gatchell.

II. John Pratt, born October 18, 1916 at Marion, (Smyth County) Va., married Martha Morgan June 22, 1940. at __________. She was born ________ at ___________ , the daughter of _______ and _________ Morgan. They have three children: John Colly, born February 17, 1941, Ann Louise born November 7, 1943, Nancy Sue born May 4, 1949.

III. Earl Richard born July 16, 1918 at Chicago married Theda Mifford October 4, 1947 at __________. She was born __________ at _______, daughter of ____________ and __________ Mifford. They have a child Dean Richard born January 22, 1951.

After the death of John Eccles, Ida LuElla married William Isaac King in Buffalo on April 24, 1893. He was born at Pembrook, N.Y. , October 8, 1853, the son of _______and ________ King. HE died at Gaston, N.C. ________, 1903 and is buried at Berkley, Va. She died January 10, 1912 at Berkley, Va., and is interred in Magolia Cemetery at that place.

The couple were parents of four children:
(1) Arthur Scott King was born April 11, 1894 at Oxford, N.C. He married Reba Anice Hurd, daughter of Fred Eugene and Melinda (Houpt) Herd of Erie, Pa., on November 1, 1920 at Erie ( Peach Street) Methodist Church. Reba was born November 19, 1898 at Marienville, Pa., and christened in the Laquin, Pa., Methodist Church (Bradford County).

They were the parents of four children:

I. William Frederick, born July 25, 1921 at Warren, Pa., He married Peggie Green, daughter of __________ and _________ at Bradford, Pa., January 20, 1947.

II. Arthur Scott Jr., born September 3, 1922 at Warren. He married Rosemary Lloyd, daughter of Arthur and Margaret (Grant) Lloyd at Olean, N.Y., August 26, 1946.

III. Elizabeth Anne, born September 2, 1923, at Laquin, Pa., married Leo A. Carney, son of Leo A. and Elizabeth (Lindermuth) Carney at ________, June 18, 1941.

IV. Phyllis Lee, born March 8, 1925 at Warren, Pa., She married Joseph G. Camas, son of Rocco and Mary (Mongillo) Camas at Bradford, Pa., April 20, 1949.

(2) Maude Marie – nicknamed Trilby – was born March 27, 1896 at Henderson, N.C. She married George Calvin Lyon July 26, 1919 at Norfolk, Va., He was born October 10, 1893 at Elizabeth City, N.C., the son of George W. and Mary Ada (Sedgewich) Lyon. They had a son, George Underwood, born August 18, 1925, at Norfolk, Va. Maude died March 3, 1959. She was cremated in Washington and on March 6, was entombed in Riverside Memorial Park at Nortfolk

(3) Anna Virginia was born October 4, 1898 at Henderson (Vance County) , N.C. She married Eugene Grant Swingley April 3, 1919 in the Govans (Md.) Methodist Church in that city. He was born May 30, 1897 at Aberdeen, Md., the son of Joseph Albert and Elizabeth Breitschgi Swingley. They had no children.

(4) Grace Erdine was born Christmas Day, 1900 at Hamton, Va., christened in the Park Avenue Presbyterian Church in that city. She married Rush Koons Gearhart, son of Daniel Montgomery and Sarah Lucy (Smith) Gearhart October 3, 1929 in Euclid Church at Lynchburg. Rush was born September 29, 1897 at Danville, Pa. His family has an interesting history as they settled in Pennsylvania prior to Penn. Purchase. Rush Township in Northumberland County was named for an uncle of his. Rush, Sr. passed away October 31, 1959 after a lengthy illness. Funeral services were held November 2 at the Whitten Funeral Home, Lynchburg, Va. Entombment was in Fort Hill Mausoleum in that city.

They had two children:

I. Hope Erdine born June 7, 1931 at Lynchburg, christened 1934. She married James Harold Montague, born May 18,1931 at Charlotte, N.C., the son of James Harold and Thelma Virginia (Seay) Montague of Lynchburg. Wedding date was February 23, 1951 at Greenville, S.C. They have two children: John Harold born February 17, 1954 and Laura Hope May 27, 1958.
II. Rush Koons Jr., was born July 17, 1935 at Lynchburg and was Christened 1938.

Elmer Loyal And family

Elmer Loyal, born May 3, 1862 at Clarks Corners (Potter County), Pa., was the second child of Amos-Sarah Ann. Educated in Cameron County, Elmer sought employment here and spent his lifetime. He was a tall, thin man, meticulous in work and dress. In his latter years as Foreman of the Pennsylvania Railroad Shops in Emporium, his employees affectionately called him “Skinny” and say that he was the only man in the Shop who would crawl under a coal burning locomotive with a white shirt – he always wore one with a tie—and come out form under looking cleaner.

Elmer was the handy worker—he could do many things well: Woodwork, cabinet making, painting, machine work, boiler work and for diversion played cornet in the Emporium Band. He was a member of the Borough Council, and like his dad represented the East Ward.

Elmer, in his church affiliations, elected to the Methodist faith and served in many offices. In the 75th Anniversary Year book (1859-1932), he was on the Maintenance Committee of the Official Board and a Trustee. His wife Jane was listed on several committees.

When he was 15 years old, he hired out to the PRR as a car inspector (February 1, 1877), and spent his life railroading, retiring in 1927 as Foreman of the Emporium Shops.

Elmer married Martha Mae McConell, born October 14, 1864 at Emporium on January 15, 1887. Rev. Nathan Bosworth of the Presbyterian Church officiated. The couple lived in Emporium and were parents of seven children: (1) Loyal Marvin, (2) Evard Sylvester, (3) John Wesley, (4) Myrtle Leota, (5) ruth Marie, (6) James Earl, and (7) Alvin Oliver.

Martha Mae died September 13, 1912 at Emporium and is interned in the McConell plot in Newton Cemetery here. Her mother was of the Cameron line.

Elmer married a second time—Jennie Ruth, born August 22, 1872 at Emporium, daughter of Lenuel and Etta (White) Evans—June 14, 1915 at Buffalo, N.Y. No children were born to this union. Jennie died July 1, 1033 at Emporium and is buried in the Evans plot Newton Cemetery here.

After her death, Elmer made his home with his youngest son, Alvin, at Emporium, until his death August 31, 1950. He is buried in the family plot in Newton Cemetery.

The children follow:

(1) Loyal Marvin was born at Emporium October 6, 1888 . He was educated locally and married Mary Rose Colson, born November 9, 1891 at Emporium, daughter of Frank and Edith (Larson) Colson, both Swedish immigrants. They were wed Christmas Day 1908 by Cameron County Clerk William J. Leavitt (now in 1959 an Associate Judge of the County). Loyal—“Dudley”—was a lifetime railroad man (machinist), member of National Guard WW-I 100F, Washington Camp 382. POSA and the Methodist Church. Mary is a Methodist.

Two children were born to the couple: (I) Walter Elmer and (II) Gordon Earl.

Following divorce in ___________, Loyal married Minnie Spivak, born March 28, 1898, daughter of William and Anna (Kohout) Spivak of East Islip, Long Island, N.Y. Both are buried in the 34 Spruce St. Plot, Oakwood Cemetery, Bayshore, N.Y. At this time he was in charge of the Patchogue, N.Y. Shop of the Long Island Railroad.

He died suddenly February 12, 1947 at Patchogue. Minnie died October 15, 1956 at East Islip, N.Y. Both are buried in the 34 Spruce St. Plot, Oakwood Cemetery, Bayshore, N.Y.

“Dudley” in later years developed a love for the ocean and his home was on Long Island Sound spent a great deal of leisure time deep sea and surf fishing. The couple had no children.

Marry married Adolphus J. Martin, son of Jack and Maretta _________, Martin, November 19, 1881, at Oswayo, Pa., and was a retired railroad man. “Dolph” died August 8, 1948 at their home in Oswayo and is interred in the Oswayo Valley Cemetery. No children were born to this union.

(I.) Walt er Elmer, eldest child to Loyal—Mary Klock, was born at Emporium, Pa., December 23, 1909. Graduating from local schools, he married Virginia Marguerite, born April 22, 1913 at Rouletter, Pa., daughter of Joseph and Margaret (Carr) Young. They were married at Smethport, Pa., July 16, 1934 by Rev. Howard Spangler. A Daughter, Joan Elaine, was born to the couple, June 3, 1935 in Elk County Hospital, Ridgway, Pa.

They were divorced, Virginia re-married to George Smith of Roulette, Pa., and Walter married Maxine Emily, born August 25, 1913 at Oil City, Pa., January 5, 1944. Rev. N.B. Wilson of the Presbyterian Church officiated. a son, Stephen Walter, born to the couple May 24, 1949 at St. Mary’s, Pa., Hospital died in infancy. He is buried in the Angel Row of the St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Walter was Editor of the Press—Independent newspaper at Emporium 1932-1936, and served in WW-II with the Marine Corps as a Technical Sergeant with 3rd Marine Wing (Pacific). Maxine a graduate of Ridgway High, served as a guard with the Elliot Company, Ridgway, Pa., a classified company making turbine motors. Her family history is covered extensively in the Northern Pennsylvania genealogy. The couple live in Emporium.

(1.) Joan Elaine, daughter of Walter—Virginia—was born June 3, 1935 in the Elk County Hospital, Ridgway, Pa., and christened in the Emporium Methodist Church Easter 1936. Joan was educated in local schools, graduating from Emporium High. She married Richard (Rocky) Semelsberger, son of Francis and Clara (Kelley) Semelsberger July 23, 1955 at Atlantic City, N.J. He was born December 24, 1933 at Detroit, Michigan, and christened at St. Cecilia, Detroit, January, 1934. They have tow children: Victor Francis, born September 8, 1955, Naval Hospital, Philadelphia at which place Richard was serving with the Navy, and Richard Walter born November 1, 1957 in the Detroit, Michigan hospital.

(2.) Gordon Earl, youngest son of Loyal—Mary, was born in Emporium August 20, 1913. He married Jeanetta Maree, born March 9, 1914 at East Brady, Pa., only child of Jack and Hazel Marie (Rinehuls) Lauder, at Emporium October 20, 1933.

Both Gordon and Jeanetta graduated from Emporium High and both were athletes. Jeanetta is an accomplished pianist. Gordon joined the Sylvania Electric Products Corporation following graduation and at present (1959) is Plant Manager of the Emporium factory. He is a member of the Emporium Masonic Order.

They are the parents of five children:

(1,) Jay Gordon, born at Emporium, Christmas Day 1935, a graduate of Emporium High and presently employed with Sylvania following overseas duty with the Seventh U.S. Army in Germany.

(2.) Jack Lauder, born Kaul Memorial, St. Mary’s Pa., August 26, 1940, educated locally and at present with the U.S. Airborne Paratroops at Fort Campbell, Ky. He married March 1, 1958, Marianne Umbenhaur, born March 28, 1939 in the Kaul Memorial, St. Mary’s Pa., daughter of James and Viola Umbenhauer. Rev. Taylor of the Methodist Church in Columbia, S.C. officiated. They have a daughter, Kimberly Beth, born August 20 (Granddad Gordon’s birthday) 1958 at the Kaul Memorial, St. Mary’s Pa.

(3.) Leah Maree, born in Emporium, April 21, 1943

(4.) Margaret Mary, born in Emporium, March 25, 1952

(5.) Randall James, born Kaul Memorial, September 25, 1955

(II) Evard Sylvester, second child Elmer--Martha, was born at Emporium, Pa., February 25, 1890 He married Clara, born __________ daughter of Joseph and Mary _________ Walker of St. Mary’s, Pa., February 11, 1911. Rev. Fr. Downey of the St. Marks Church in Emporium officiated.

Evard attended school in Emporium, sang in the St. Marks Choir and was a member the K. of C. He was employed in the power mills here but left to enter the oil industry in New Jersey. The couple had no children.

(III.) John Wesley, third child of Elmer—Martha, was born in Emporium, January 1, 1893. He was educated locally and was an athlete with a preference for baseball—which he played simi-pro. He married Florence Lockman Carver, born July 4, 1896 at Buffalo, N.Y., daughter of Alexander and Mary Ann (Zimmerman) Carver. The wedding date was September 30, 1916 at Niagara Falls, NY. They had no children. John was employed by the J.N. Adams Store in Niagara Falls until his death in that city December 18, 1958 at Memorial Hospital. His body was returned to Emporium and interned in the family plot. Rev. Joseph Rigby, Methodist Church here, had charge of services.

(IV.) Myrtle Leota was the forth child of Elmer—Martha and the first daughter. She was born in Emporium February 1, 1896. and attended school locally. She married Ralph Waldo Emerson Lyon, born September 23, 1888 at Eldred, Pa., Their wedding was June 24, 1913 at Emporium with Rev. L.M. Brady of the Methodist Church officiating. The couple are parents of seven children, are Methodists and Myrtle is a member of the Eastern Star.

(1.) Ralph E., born July 15, 1914 at Emporium. He married Gertrude E., born March _____, 1916 at Osceola, Pa., daughter of John and Milred (Horning) Baker, July 15, 1933 at Elkland, Pa. They are parents of three children: Jean Marie born July 16, 1934 at Elkland, and married October 10, 1954; Donald Brate, born ________at________, son of _________ and __________ Brate; John Ralph, born August 1, 1938 at Osceola; and Paul Wendell, September 20, 1943 at Corning, N.Y.

Ralph married a second time, December. 6, 1947, to Winifred E., born May 1, 1922 at Painted Post, N.Y., daughter of Luther and Velma Homes. They have two children: Anne L., born September 21 1948 and Susan M., born June 27, 1952, both at Corning, N.Y. His first wife, Gertrude, re-married to a John Whiting.

(2.) Edward “Ted”, born September 8, 1915 at Elkland. He married Virginia Lucille, daughter of Percy and Florence (Vogel) Yaeger of Rochester, N.Y., February 1, 1941 at Elmira. She was born at Buffalo, N.Y. October 20, 1920. Two children were born: Edward W. III, April 9, 1941 and Dianna Marie, January 10, 1943. both at Elkland.

Ted married a second time—to Florence, daughter of William and Lucy (Servideo) Gentile at Hammonsport, N.Y., September 5, 1953. She was born at Corning , N.Y., January 22, 1926. They have no children. Virginia re-married to Myron E. Couch.

(3.) Hendrick Hastings Lyon, born September 25, 1916 at Elkland, died October 10, 1918 at Coudersport, Pa.

(4.) Betsy Ann Lyon, born January 25, 1918 at Elkland died November 11, 1918 at Coudersport, Pa.

(5.) Doris Mae was born September 13, 1919 at Elkand. She married George E. Thomas, July 21, 1918, at Westfield, Pa., the son of Dorr and Bessie Amelia (Rolison) Thomas on October 17, 1941 at Elkland. They are the parents of four children: Alice Louise, born September 24, 1942 at Nelson, Pa., Alan George April 4, 1946 at Elkland; Martha Ilene, August 3, 1950 at Wellsboro, Pa., and James Dorr, June 20, 1954, also at Wellsboro Hospital.

(6.) Kathryn Jeanette, born May 21, 1921 at Elkland, and married Wilmont Clark Reynolds at that city December 21, 1942. He is the son of Heber and Della (Conley) Reynolds and was born August 24, 1919 at Little Marsh, Pa., (Tioga County). The couple have three children: Mary Ellen, born August 5, 1943, at New York City (Richmond County); Betsy Ann, June 17, 1947 at Delmer Township (Tioga County); and Wilmont Clark II , born January 12, 1952 at Evanston, Ill.

(7.) Paul Emerson, born December 13, 1922 at Elkland, married Kathryn adams October 29, 1949 at Potsdam, N.Y. She is the daughter of John Frances and Margaret (Wood) Adams and was born July 28, 1926 at Brookfield Township (Potter County), They are parents of four children: Kathryn Jane, born April 4, 1950, at Potsdam; Thomas Paul, June 30, 1951, at Wellsboro, Pa.; Lawrence Edward, September 12, 1952, at Corning; Margaret Ann, born November 1, 1953, also at Corning N.Y.

(V.) Ruth Marie, born at Emporium on Christmas Day, 1897, was the fifth child to Elmer—Martha and the second daughter. She attended School in Emporium. Married LeRoy Herbert Gena, son of William I., and Dora (Rinebold) Gena of Wellsville, N.Y., at that city on June 12, 1915. LeRoy was born June 10, 1895 at Wellsville and died at Elmira January 29, 1948. He is buried in that city. Two children were born to the couple: Robert F., April 10, 1916 at Emporium, and William L., November 25, 1921 at Elmira, N.Y. William died January 17, 1935 at Elmira and is interred in that city.

(1.) Robert married Betty, born __________ , 1920 at Waverly, N.Y., daughter of William and Lena DeProspero of Waverly, N.Y. April 24, 1940. They have a son, William LeRoy, born January 21, 1941 at Arnot-Ogden Hospital, Elmira, N.Y.

Ruth re-married—Leon R. Dininny, born June 21, 1894 at Kane, Pa., son of Fredrick and Lucile Dininny of Emporium, Pa., the wedding took place in the Mount Vernon Methodist Church at Baltimore, Md., January 13, 1949. Ruth is a member of the Eastern Star and paints and raises flowers for hobbies.

(VI.) James Earl, forth son of Elmer—Martha, was born in Emporium September 3, 1901. He received his education here and after graduation sought employment with the Pennsylvania Railroad. He married Clara Beck, born May 25, 1903 in Emporium, daughter of John Harris and Martha A. (Jordan) Beck, at Emporium November 13, 1924. Rev. James Brannon of the Methodist Church officiated. “Earl” as he is known, is a talented musician—banjo, Guitar, and sax—made recordings and played in a town orchestra. His Bowling prowess is well known locally. Clara’s mother was of the Jordan pioneer clan and was a cousin to Sarah Ann, wife of Amos Klock. The couple have no children and are presently living in Olean, N.Y.

(VII.) Alvin Oliver, youngest of the children of Elmer—Martha, was born June 12, 1904 at Emporium. “Al” attended local schools and after graduation entered the employ of the PRR. He married Adaline Margaret Fenton, born June 1, 1904, daughter of John and Pauline Frances (Shane) Fenton, at Emporium January 29, 1934. Two children were born to the couple: John Elmer and Evard LeRoy, born July 19, 1947.

(1.) John Elmer, born October 14, 1936, was graduated for Emporium High and entered the Air Force in 1956. He married, July 22, 1956, Carol Linne a Lyle, daughter of Jerry and Keena (Carlson) Lyle at Olean, N.Y. She was born ____________ at ___________ . The couple have a son, John Allan, born August 31, 1957 at Cocoa Fla.

“Al” played high school football, is a member of the Methodist Church and the Masonic Lodge.

Charles Leon Klock

Charles Leon was the third child to Amos—Sarah Ann, and was born in Emporium ________, 1864, the year Cameron County was celebrating the westward building of the railroad. According to hand-me-down stories, I gathered from older persons, Charles was a sickly child and was fated to die violently. Mrs. Thomas March (Sadie Jordan), and who was named after great-great grandmother Sarah Ann (Aunt Sade) told me: “I remember hearing them tell of Charles. When he was about seven years old (1871), he was down to the gristmill watching them grind meal when he fell into the machinery.” Charles is buried in the Klock plot in Newton Cemetery.
Arthur Sherman Klock—Ella Zeitler

Arthur Sherman, born in Emporium April 19, 1865 was the forth child of Amos—Sarah. After local schooling he left and settled in Punzxutawney, Pa., where he first secured work as a clerk on the Buffalo-Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad. Arthur was an excellent penman and during his school days won many prizes for his “fine hand”. He was a good mixer, had a pleasing personality and made many friends. He was sought after for civic duties and served several terms as the Borough Tax Collector. He was a member of the Elks Lodge there and was interested in several lumber firms—Klock—Dorn and McLaughlin; and Klock, Phelps and Clark. Appropriately he was nicknamed “Tick—Tick” Klock. He married Maria Zeitler at Silver Springs, or Silver Lake, N.Y., on May 17, 1892. She was the daughter of John and Maria Elizabeth (Haag) Zeitler and was born February 22, 1869. at Punzsutawney. The couple had no children. Her parents were born in Germany (Nuremberg) and entered this country through the Chesapeake Bay area, journeying overland to Pittsburgh. Arthur died in Punxsutawney May 17, 1938 and Ella died February 2, 1945. Both are interned there.

Grace Gertrude Klock—Oliver Darling

Grace Gertrude, the second daughter and fifth child to Amos—Sarah Ann, was born in Emporium March 4, 1868. She was educated locally and being musically inclined, was sought after as a teacher. Grace married Oliver Darling in Buffalo, N.Y. on November 7, 1885.. He was the son of Sam and __________ Darling and was born November 15, 1860 at Belvidere, N.Y. Oliver died April 12, 1938 at Buffalo and Grace passed away March 8, 1956 at Canadaigua, N.Y. Both are interned in Buffalo. They are the parents of four sons:

(1.) Authur _______, born March 13, 1889 at Buffalo, died January 29, 1951 at that place.. He married Josephine McNulty on ________ at __________. She was the daughter of _________ and ___________ McNulty. They had no children. She died at _________ on ____________. Both are interned in Olivet Cemetery in Buffalo.

(2.) Oliver C. Jr., born November 13, 1889 at Buffalo, married Rose Schultz, born March 19, 1889 at Buffalo, the daughter of Fredrich and Wilhelmine Schultz. They are parents of four children.

(3.) Edward R., born March 26, 1892 at Buffalo, died April 7, 1942. He married Elizabeth Jerge at ___________ on___________ She was the daughter of ________ and __________ Jerge and was born at __________ on ________ She died ___________ . Both are interred at Ridgelawn Cemetery. Pine Hill, New York. They are parents of a son, Edward, born March 7, 1917 at Buffalo.

(4.) Ralph F., born April 15, 1895 at Buffalo and married to Leota M. Yox on September 19, 1919. She was the daughter of August and Augusta Yox and was born at Buffalo, July 22, 1893. She died May 9, 1951 and is interred at Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, Mich. Three children were born to the couple: Raymond, at Buffalo, February 6, 1921; Donald at Buffalo, December 4, 1921 and died January, 1922; and Elizabeth at Buffalo, October 14, 1925 and died the same month.

Ralph re-married to Estelle Mae Sherer, born August 21, 1904 at Walworth, Wis., daughter of Louis and Edith Shie. They have no children. Ralph retired from an executive position with the General Motors Corporation July 31, 1951. The couple live at Indian Lakes, Fla. And Bear Lawn, Mich.

Oro Erdine—Hugh Kittrell

Ora Erdine was the third daughter and sixth child to Amos—Sarah Ann. She was born at Emporium on ________ , 1870 and educated locally. When young she moved with the family to North Carolina and in the spring of 1887 marrried Hugh Hayes Kittrell. Hugh was the son of Simon and Sallie (Debnam) Kittrell and was born August 19, 1854 at Henderson, N.C. Ora died November _____ , 1907 at the Norfolk General Hospital and is interred in the Berkeley Cemetery there. Hugh died February 20, 1927 at Henderson and is interred there. They are the parents of four children:

(1) Louise Caroline, born Henderson______________. She married Charles Knight, born on ____________. He was the son of __________and ____________ Knight. He died _____________at______________ Louise died at Norfolk, February 8, 1917. They are interred at ___________. No children.

(2) Simon William, born Henderson September 6, 1894. He married at Norfolk, Va., August 27, 1935 Ruby Louise Rodman (Barns). She was born October 12, 1891 at Norfolk County, Va., the daughter of __________ and _________. No children were born.

(3) Earl Clark, born Henderson March 2, 1895. He married at Henderson, April 27, 1915, Hazel F. Eason. She was born February 1, 1896. at Goldsboro, N.C., the daughter of _________ and ___________. Two children were born: Earl Clark Jr., August 5, 1916, and Louise, October 29, 1917, both at Henderson.

(4) Lorene May born at Hampton, Va., November 23, 1898. She married at Nortfork, Va., January 30, 1921, Wilson Sloane Freesland. Wilson was born at Maxton, N.C., August 23, 1901, the son of John Jacob and Elizabeth (Roberts) Freesland. They have a child, Wilson Sloane Jr., born Norfork (Berkley) Va., March 27, 1922.

Virginia Ellen Klock—Urban Mergendahl

The forth daughter and seventh child born to Amos—Sarah Ann was Virginia Ellen on August 12, 1873 at Emporium. She was nicknamed “Jennie” and after completing education followed the millinery trade. She was a designer for a leading millinery store of the day in Buffalo. She married Urban John Mergendahl on ___________. Urban was born at Danbury, Conn., August 4, 1880, the son of _________ and _________. They moved to Detroit, Mich., where he was employed in the Hudson Company of that city (furniture department). Urban died in Birmingham, Mich., February 16, 1946. Virginia preferred to remain at her home there and died February 19, 1955. Both are buried in White Chapel Cemetery at Birmingham. They had no children.

Lorena May Klock—Robert Fairbain

Lorena May who was born in Emporium, October 30, 1874 is the only child born to Amos—Sarah Ann who is living today (December, 1959) She was the fifth daughter and the eighth child. Educated locally she was musically inclined and taught in Buffalo, N.Y. She married Robert Fairbain, born June 18, 1870, son of George and Christine (Weatherston) Fairbain of Buffalo, N.Y. Date of the wedding was September 4, 1900 at Buffalo. Robert died February 13, 1949 at Baltimore. He is interred in Buffalo. Tow children were born to the couple:

(1) Virginia at Buffalo May 10, 1904. She died in Buffalo. She married Paul Southard February 24, 1934 at ___________ . Paul is the son of John Brelsford and Myra Lucina (White) Southard of Loyal Sock, Pa., John was principal of schools in Austin, Port Allegany, Tionesta and Summerville, Pa. Paul and Helen are parents of two sons; John Brelsford born May 21, 1938 at _________ and Robert Fairbain, born July 27, 1945 at __________.

Ed. Note: ( as I write this December, 1959, I am reading a letter from Lorene’s daughter, Helen (Mrs. Paul Southard) who says that her mother is getting weaker daily, “ hasn’t walked yet—a broken hip—and in a wheel chair, having dinner with others” When I too up the genealogy April 2, 1956, my first letter was to “Aunt Rena”. She answered the letter in her own hand. Her opening sentence will always be a “heart-tug” to me—she sounded so lonely. However, in a sort of over-the-shoulder way, let her letter follow:

“Dear Walter: It is with much pleasure that I received a letter form one of my few relatives after so many years of silence.”

“I am glad to hear of your ambition to make a study of the Klock tribe. I am afraid I can give you very little help—being on of the youngest of our family of nine children.” “The first residence of the Klock family in this country was in Shamokin, Pa.—the Potter County residence was that of mother and father when they married. Shamokin was the home of dad’s parents—but I don’t know the date—in fact, I never saw any dad’s people excepting half-brothers who visited us in Emporium when I was about seven years old (1881) and they brought my sister, Jennie, and me a wonder set of dishes of which we were very proud. They were the children of a second marriage— name Levan or Lewon.”

“Mother’s people lived in Driftwood where I visited them and found Grandmother Jordan (mother’s mother) to be a grand old lady and very sweet to us kids.”

“As for the foreign residence, I know nothing about where father’s people lived before coming to Southern Pennsylvania other than dad’s people originally came from Germany. I understand his people spoke only German among themselves. Dad said They were originally Dutch (Holland).”

“One of our friends in Buffalo who was asking about my people and the name of Klock said it was not a German name, but Dutch, so I presume they were right. I passed a huge cemetery last summer (1955) while driving through Northeast New York. In passing near Utica I saw at least 15 grave stones with the name Klock on them.”

“As for photos of my people—my oldest sister (Ida LuElla) I believe has them all— she is dead, but her daughter, Cora, (Mrs. Cora Fuller) who lives in Lynchburg, Va. had several of them. I’m sorry I cannot be of more help. I’ve lost track of my family, I am now past 80 years and don’t remember events as I used to.”

“My older sister, Virginia, (Jen) has recently passed away. She had many photos, etc., but I have no idea where she left them. The Hudson Company of Detroit may know.”

“I wish I could be of more help to you. If I think of something later I will forward it to you.”

“Let me knkow sometime how you made out—and Best Wishes from your Aunt Rena Fairbain”.

Irving Ralph Klock—Besse Sensor

Irvin Ralph, last of the children to Amos—Sarah Ann was born April 19, 1878 at Emporium. He was educated in local schools but left this community for Reyoldsville, Pa., “Irv” married Besse Malverta Sensor, daughter of Edward and Sewilda Keturah (Bing) Sensor. Bessie was born April 21, 1886 at that community, and was a Methodist. Irv was Presbyterian. Mrs. Mellisa Sensor Jones (Besse’s sister) related : “They eloped to Titusville, Pa., on September 6, 1931 and were wed by Rev. F. Ray Howe (Methodist) after the Sunday morning services. Relatives tried to follow but lost them in Oil City, Pa. The couple returned to Reynoldsville to live.” In that place they opened a shoe store which she and Irving conducted until their deaths. Irving passed away June 25, 1943 following an operation in the DuBois (Maple Avenue) Hospital, DuBois, Pa., Besse died twelve years later at her home, February 23, 1955. Both are buried in the Sensor lot in the Reynoldsville, Pa. Cemetery. They had no children.

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