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The Adirondack Record – Elizabethtown Post
Friday, December 16, 1921

Site of Ancient Village Discovered After Human Bones Are Plowed Up

The site of what was apparently an old Indian town closely associated with a burial mound has just been revealed upon the John Nolan farm near Sandy Creek by Mr. Klock, the present farmer. Mr. Klock's attention was attracted to the location of the ancient village by the unearthing of human bones during fall plowing. Further excavation revealed a complete skeleton and other indications of Indian graves upon the lot have since been discovered.

Further investigation by Mr. Klock and his assistants has proved occupancy of the land by a town, apparently of considerable extent. A number of fireplaces have been revealed by the presence of black soil, burned rocks and charred corn particles. Quantities of pottery and some valuable stone relics have been unearthed. The Nolan farm is located upon across road leading from the north side of the state road from Watertown to Syracuse and about a mile west of Sandy Creek. Mr. Klock is continuing his search with a view of finding other domestic and war implements.

The site of an extensive Indian village is known to have existed on Skinner's Creek in the town of Ellisburg about a mile north of the Oswego county line and in the general vicinity of the town just unearthed. Large quantities of broken pottery and a number of valuable relics, including bone awls, needles and ornaments, parched corn and clam shells also were in evidence.

Late in the spring, John Nichols of Cape Vincent unearthed 19 skeletons and a considerable quantity of relics in a mound on Point Peninsula. A revival of interest in Indian relics seems to have swept Northern New York this year, and the discovery of the Point Peninsula mound and the old town near Sandy Creek is expected to cause other searches. Jefferson county seems to have been a well populated district in the days of the red men, and some of the best collections of relics in national, state and private museums have been gathered in this part of the North country.

The Adirondack Record
July 11, 1919

Mr. and Mrs. George Klock and mother, Mrs. Klock of Plattsburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Klock of Lowell, Mass., called on Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Dragoon last week.

The Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post
Au Sable Forks, N.Y.
Thursday, Dec. 23, 1926

His Wish Gratified

Delos Klock had expressed the wish to relatives and friends that he might live to be 89 years old. On a resent morning, his 89 birthday, he died at the home of his son two miles west of the village of Ephratah, near Gloversville.

The Record –Post,
Au Sable Forks, N.Y.
Thursday, September 22, 1932

Ogdensburg Man Cannot Be Found

Fred H. Klock, a piano dealer in Ogdensburg, left his home on September 1 for a business trip to Brasher Falls, since which time he has not been seen or heard from. State troopers have been asked to investigate
his disappearance.

The Record –Post
Au Sable Forks, N.Y.
Thursday, September 19, 1940

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Klock spent the weekend with Mrs. Emma Loomis and her son Clyde. Mr. Klock is employed by the Citizens Bank of Potsdam.

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