Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York

Published 1905, Page 223-224-and 225

Morgan Klock

Morgan Klock, a highly respect farmer of Watertown, New York,  was born near St. Johnsville, Montgomery county, New York, April 13, 1834.  His paternal grandfather, George G.I. Klock, was also a native of that county, born in 1770, and his early years wer there passed, while in the public schools of the neighborhood he acquired his education.   Later he engaged in farming in the old home neighborhood for a long period, but his last years were passed in Watertown, where he died after reaching the eightieth milestone of life’s journey.  His wife bore the maiden name of Harriet Goodale, and they were the parents of four children, of whom but one is now living, Polly, who became the wife of Arlie Klock, and resides in St. Johnsville, New York.  Mrs. Harriet Goodale Klock passed away at the age of eighty years. 
     Stephen Klock, son of George G.I. Klock, who was born in Montgomery county in 1802, and was there reared and educated, afterward removed to Lyme, New York, where he remained until 1859.  In that year he settled on a farm of two hundred acres on Washington street, near Watertown, and continued to cultivation of his land until his death, which occurred on the 20th of May 1878, when he was sixty-five years of age.  His political support was given to the Democratic party, and he was a member of the Masonic fraternity, with which his father also affiliated.  He married Anna Bellinger, who was born in St. Johnsville, Montgomery county, and died there at the age of eighty years.   Mrs. Klock also passed away at the age of four score years, and, like her husband, she was a member of the Presbyterian church.  They were the parents of six children, of who me four are now living: Morgan; Lovian, the wife of Albert Peck, of Watertown; Milton R., of Watertown; and Sephanna, who married Joshua Flanders of Rodman, New York.
     Morgan Klock spent his early years in Lyme, and when he had completed a common school course he continued to render assistance to his father in the work on the home farm until twenty-five years of age.  Thereafter he engaged in the operation of the old homestead for eight years, and then came to Watertown, where he purchased his present farm, then comprising one hundred and twenty-seven acres, and ,with the exception of three years passed in the city, he has resided thereon continuously since.  He also owns a farm of two hundred and ten acres in Le Ray.  He has an excellent set of building upon the farm which he occupies, and fro many years he conducted business as a retail milk dealer.  His agricultural interests have been capably conducted along modern business lines, and have resulted in bring to him creditable and gratifying success.  He has sold most of the home place for park purposes, and now owns one hundred acres near by, on Washington street.  His political support is given to the Democracy, and he attends the First Presbyterian church. 
     In 1957 Mr. Klock married Catherine J. Baird, who was born in Charlstown, Montgomery county, New York, in 1838.  Her father, Robert Baird, was for many years engaged in farming in Lyme, New York, and died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Klock, when seventy-five years of age.   His wife, who bore the maiden name of Eunice McDuffee, was born in 1810, and was reared in Charlestown.  She died at the age of eighty years.  Of her four children only one is now living; Anna E., wife of Lester C. Angell, of Three Mile Bay.
     Mr. and Mrs. Klock were the parents of three children, of whom two are living.  The daughter, Carrie K., is the wife of Sterling A. Sill, of Watertown, New York, and they have five children—Frederick W., Allen P., John M., Kate W., and Carrie E.   Percy L., son of Morgan Klock, is a graduate of Hamilton College, and for a number of years engaged in teaching as principal in Richfield and Saratoga.  He is now a practicing lawyer of New York city.   He married Miss Kate Thomsom, of Oswego, New York  Morgan Klock lost one son, Fred G. Klock, who died in 1897, at the age of thirty-four years.  He had been liberally educated, and was general manager of the firm of Farwell & Rhines.  He married Miss Grace Becker, of Pulaski, New York, who is now residing in Watertown, with her four children, George, Morgan, Eunice and Catherine.   Mr. Klock lost his first wife in 1902, her death occurring on the 20th of July, of that year, when she was sixty-three years of age.   She was a member of the First Presbyterian church.  Mr. Klock was married November 24, 1903, to Mrs. Celesta Peck, who was born in Fulton county, New York, but lived in Montgomery county up the time of her marriage to Mr. Klock. 


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