The Fort Klock Coverlet

     The Coverlet that is on display at Fort Klock was donated by Mary Elizabeth (nee Klock)  McNamara.  She was the daughter of Lydia Agusta Klock (1866-1921) and Joseph Henry Klock (1850-1933), son of Mary Elias Klock (1825-1906) and John J. Klock (1816-1880). 
     The beauty and pattern complexity of overshot coverlets belie the fact that these pieces were often made by home weavers on a loom similar to the loom used at Fort Klock.   While our loom has only two shafts, one with four shafts (frames that control the pattern) is needed to weave an overshot pattern.   As most elaborate and decorative woven product, overshot coverlets have long been recognized as family heirlooms and this has contributed to their survival to the present day.  While cotton and wool are the most common fibers, earlier pieces contain linen instead of cotton.  The wool, which took dyes easier than linen or cotton, was usually blue reflecting the wide availability of indigo.  Other colors such as red, yellow, green and lavender were also used and were often combined to create vibrant multicolored pieces.
     Coverlet weaving flourished in America from 1790 to the mid-1800’s as both a household necessity and decorative entity.  Hand woven on the great barn frame looms by housewives, as part of their typical domestic duties, and by professional weavers, the coverlets are recognized as one of the best examples with Scots and Swedish weavers.  German weavers, trained in other techniques soon learned the technique also.
     I have been able to recreate the “draft” or pattern of this coverlet and have adapted it for table runners and place mats.  This pattern is similar to the well-known “Whig Rose” or “Methodist Wheel” but differs in having a smaller “rose” in the center.  Since the exact pattern has not been identified in sources, we have taken the liberty to name it “Klock’s Roses”.
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Note:   The Fort Klock Coverlet is also in the Klock Crest Colors.

Additional Information:  

I have the following information.  If anyone has additional information on this family, please let me know.

Joseph Henry Klock (b. September 08, 1850, d. January 02, 1933) and Lydia Augusta Rider (b. June 26, 1866, d. 1921).   Buried St. Johnsville Cemetery, St. Johnsville, New York.   Joseph Henry and Lydia had five children.

May Klock, b. July 21, 1890, d.  January 06, 1895, buried St Johnsville Cemetery, St. Johnsville, New York

Robert J. Klock, b. April 03, 1892  d. December 26, 1894, buried St Johnsville Cemetery, St. Johnsville, New York.

Ellen Jane Klock, b. January 15, 1894, (Also know as Nellie married a Brothers.---SOK)  Ellen died in 1966. 

Mary Elizabeth Klock b. July 19, 1898.  She married a McNamara

Raymond Fredrick Klock, b. April 16, 1897 d. 1970 married a Loretta and had one daughter, Loretta Frances Klock.  

I have the line of Joseph Henry Klock as:

John J. Klock, who married Mary Elias
Joseph L. Klock, who married Mary Rouse
John J. Klock, who married Catherine Foltz
Johannes J. Klock, who married Ann Margaretha Fox
Hendrick Klock


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