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Christian Klock

From the Klock Family Newsletter, November 2001

Christian Klock (John Jr., John, Johannas, Hendrick) was born in New York, August 17, 1806. He married Margaret Walrath, who was the daughter of William and Margaret Walrath. Margaret was born in 1809. Christian and Margaret had three children that I know of, Nathan who was born in 1828, Isaac who was born in 1829 and Wesdey who was born in 1845.

Christian and his family moved to Michigan around 1858. (According to page 488 of the book," History of Allegan and Berry Counties, Michigan.") This comes from that book.

"In 1851, when Franklin Bliss settled on section 24, where Leonard Wilcox, now of Irving, had made a clearing of 2 acres, he had no neighbor on the north except an Indian called, " Chippewa," who owned 40 acres on section 1 and lived in a log cabin. At that time a well-traveled stage-road crossed the Bliss' farm, - the one which ran between Grand Rapids and Hastings. Farther north Slomon dark settled on section 12 in 1854, and beyond that C.I. Klock located in 1858, on section 2. Mr. Klock now lives on section 2 with John Moxon who came with him into the township. Klock's neighbors on the south were Cornelius Walrath and his sons; On the north, John Klock and Henry Smith; on the west, the Forbes family; and on the east, John Moe and a Mr Badgrow. That same spring, Simeon Lawrence setded on section 11. At that day the northeastern portion of the township was a new country for until then the land-owners had chosen to discourage settlements by holding the property out of the market. After 1858, however, the population began multiply rapidly, and die locality is now well peopled , containing, moreover, many valuable farms."

(I just love die way people used to write.) Christian Klock and his family were one of the first Klock's to relocate in Michigan from New York. He was a pioneer in Michigan. Christian Klock died May 12, 1888 and is buried in Parmalee Cemetery in Middleville, Michigan. Also buried in the same plot is his wife Margaret, his sons Nathan, and Westley. There is also an Unknown Klock and a John Klock in the same area in the Parmalee Cemetery. I have not been able to find anything about the Unknown Klock, adult, child, male or female. John Klock, I think, is another child of Christian and Margaret Klock. If you have any information who the Unknown Klock may be or if John Klock is another son of Christian and Margaret. Please let me know......... Thanks.

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