Klock Connections
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

August 7, 2004. Klock Reunion

We went on an hour and a half boat trip through two locks. The captain of the boat gave a wonderful talk the whole time we were on board. Next, we visited Herkimer Home. Then we went to historic Lock 33 and last to the local library. Later the family went to Fort Klock and shared a dinner.

Rest your cursor on the photos and you will see the explanation of each.
Herkimer Home from the river Herkimer Home
Terry Potoczny at Lock 33 Erie Canal boat
Historic Lock 33 Passengers ready to leave.
Lunch at Herkimer Home One group at Lock 33
Reaney Memorial Library Lou D. MacWethy's desk (Enterprise Editor)
Hartley Collection at Library Lock 33

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