Klock Connections

1902 Klock Family Photo

Front Row (l-r) Catharine Klock Don 1861-1947, Alexander Don 1889-1957, Frederick Daniel Klock 1987-1914, John Lipe Klock 1899-19?, Willard Carleton Klock 1890-1929, Catharine Alma Klock 1892-19?; Second Row (l-r) seated, Mary Williamson Klock (second wife of Amos), Amos Klock 1834-1913, Lipe Klock 1864-1936, Margaret Elizabeth Klock 1895-19?, Back Row, standing (l-r) Frank Don 1889-1959, in doorway (unknown), Mary 's sister, Amos Peter Klock 1888-1911, Alma Nellis Klock 1864-1948, Adah Nancy Klock (wife of Lipe) 1886-1904.

HNK 1759 or 1764? AMRGK (carving over the door). This is no longer visible, the weather wore it off in the nearly 100 years since the photo was taken.

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